• My Life

    Chocolate, Cakes & Calories!

    Morning Lovelies, Last week at work involved me surviving, well until yesterday which I thankfully did! My body failed to walk any lunchtime, it successfully ate an abundance of chocolate and cakes to find the energy to keep going and one day it appeared to take on the shape of being pregnant. I can assure everyone there is no baby… I …

  • Music And Mood

    An Easter Musical Treat

    Morning Lovelies, Easter is upon us and whilst the shops may be full of chocolate eggs, cute rabbits, chicks and Easter themed gifts, for many this time of year is a celebration of a different kind. For Christian people the festival of Easter is about remembering how Jesus died on the cross and celebrating when he came …

  • Photography & Nature

    My Spring Sensors

    Morning lovelies, Now we are well and truly into March, Winter seems behind us and I start to look forward to the season of Spring. The meteorological Spring starts on March 1st until 31st May, but the astronomical Spring starts on March 20th and lasts until June 19th. . .I  am no astronomer or meteorologist, so mid March is middle …