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    Seasonal Festivities of A Dramatic Family

    Afternoon Lovelies, Well these past two weeks have been a manic countdown to Christmas and seasonal festivities. We had the Christmas Works do at Pine Ridge Golf Course. A great night out, eating, giving my worse dance moves an airing and drinking just a little ( we had work the next day, so it couldn’t …

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    Start of a New Year!

    Morning Lovelies, After our New Years Eve Murder Mystery, a gentle day was required yesterday. I managed my New Year resolution exercises, drank lots of water and visited the smallest room in the house more frequently than usual! I think that signals day one success. My husband set off on his bike for an energetic 10 mile ride, …

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    The Twelve Days of Christmas

    Morning Lovelies, Christmas festivities have well and truly begun! There were a lot of laughs at the work Christmas do and I was apparently at the loud end of the long table! We started the evening with some bowling. It wasn’t a high tech bowling alley, more a DIY alley, but it was linked to the pub where we …