• Rants & Reflections!

    National ‘Girl Friends’ Day

    Morning Lovelies, So, August the 1st is National Girlfriend’s Day, particularly in the United States. Who would have known that? I do, but only because I googled special days in August!  It has been apparently listed as this special day since 2005. It is a day when girls celebrate and give thanks for the special …

  • Out And About!

    Centre Parcs The Ultimate De-Stress

    Morning Lovelies, Spending the weekend at Centre Parcs with friends is the ultimate de-stress. A short break is wonderful for recharging the batteries and allowing the mind, body and soul to relax! It helps to not have a household of washing and housework to think about and hanging out with four women means that everyone …

  • My Life

    Pants Prosecco and Pizza

    Morning Lovelies, Barcey Dussel did not make an appearance at dancing last night as she could hardly walk let alone dance after twisting her knee! She did make it to a friends house for Prosecco and pizza, the ultimate Friday night dining experience. She also made herself very at home by putting her feet up on …