• My Life

    Honestly Fiona, Get Real!

    Morning Lovelies, I must get to grips and realise I am no longer 20 years old! This is not a pleasant subject to discuss, but yesterday I awoke to find the toilet in the family bathroom blocked. With the knowledge the cleaner was coming, I decided to use the toilet brush to try and unblock it. Unpleasantly, water splashed …

  • Photography & Nature

    My Spring Sensors

    Morning lovelies, Now we are well and truly into March, Winter seems behind us and I start to look forward to the season of Spring. The meteorological Spring starts on March 1st until 31st May, but the astronomical Spring starts on March 20th and lasts until June 19th. . .I  am no astronomer or meteorologist, so mid March is middle …

  • My Life

    What A Feeling!

    Morning lovelies, What a feeling! My knee is better so this week I returned to my lunchtime walking. I’ve always been led to believe that exercise, and walking was good for you…particularly for the older lady of ZERO fitness level! I decided yesterday that in fact it is dangerous and should come with a health warning. I was taking off my trainers …