A little about me

Honestly FionaI am a young, fast moving and creative mind in an aging, rickety body and often the two will clash. My life is frequently a drama and loving and living with three creative but temperamental men I am a woman frequently on the edge, having to find humour where I can. I shouldn’t be surprised my life turned out this way as I met my husband through amateur Musical Theatre, my sons want to enter the same world and many of my friends have been made through years of living a stagey life. They understand my life is eventful, my comic husband hard work to live with, my undomesticated sons test my patience, my quaint phrases of speech get me into trouble and the fact that sometimes my brain and voice don’t always connect,  but I’m me.  Alongside all the melodrama I have my real job, a teacher of small children.

I write this blog not as a writer or someone who is brilliant at English language. I haven’t got skills, talents or views to share and in fact talking rather than writing is more my thing!

A few years ago however I completely lost my voice for a 5 month period and the importance of communicating nonsensical news and chatter with people was suddenly heightened. My job was impossible and the computer to an IT novice unexpectedly became a voice, so I used it.

Since then my Facebook ramblings, observations and conversations have apparently mildly entertained my friends and family and brightened their days over the months. They are not rip roaring funny, won’t appeal to the masses but they might muster a smile or give the opportunity to recognise a life that in comparison is either pretty good or ordinarily dull.

If life is sunny enough and my muses don’t interest you, you probably won’t be reading this and I’m not offended, please pass me by!