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    Nirvana Spa Day Vlog

    Evening lovelies, In the Easter holidays my friend Sue and I spent a wonderful day at NIrvana Spa, in Wokingham. I have spoken about the Spa before and it is our yearly treat to ourselves. Sometimes, we might treat ourselves more than once, now that is real gluttony! Here is a Vlog of our day, …

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    Tea With Fi

    Afternoon Lovelies, There’s nothing like a cup of tea. This week you have the special option of watching or reading me chat about tea. I’ve never done it before and when chatting I do love a bit of a ramble and I seem to go “uh” a lot in a rather high pitched voice! If you really …

  • Rants & Reflections! Vlogs

    Issue With Towels

    Evening, my towel problem has been an issue for a while. I recorded this Vlog a few months ago, but my editor has been busy. He seems to have used material that I thought would make the cutting room floor! Enjoy at my expense and feel free to tell me if you have similar towel problems! Honestly Fiona xx