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    The Joy of Photos

    Dear Lovelies, I’m getting a reputation. It’s nothing horrendous,  but peoples’s eyes lift skywards, dispositions become nervy and people surreptitiously hide, when I whip out my obsession from my handbag! I’m not talking about anything seedy, disgusting, or inappropriate, I’m talking about my camera! Why have people got such a problem with it? I had …

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    My Macro Flower Photos

    Morning Lovelies, I love taking photographs, am renowned for taking photographs at every occasion possible, but I am not in any way a great photographer! My photographs are usually with my iPad or iPhone as my ability to grasp technology is limited and I have mastered these devices to the extent of ‘point and press’! I have an …

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    My Spring Sensors

    Morning lovelies, Now we are well and truly into March, Winter seems behind us and I start to look forward to the season of Spring. The meteorological Spring starts on March 1st until 31st May, but the astronomical Spring starts on March 20th and lasts until June 19th. . .I  am no astronomer or meteorologist, so mid March is middle …