My Daily Sigh

It’s An Age Thing & The New Forest Show

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My Daily Sigh

Morning. You know you are old when you start polishing and notice there is a funny smell. Yep, I was polishing with FLY KILLER.  Kill me now.

Morning. Todays the day of the BBQ and we’ve not had the best nights sleep.
A mosquito got its horrible jaws into my leg and it was particularly itchy and scratchy. In the middle of the night our doorbell rang a couple of times. BM got up to answer it, not a soul. It was a power cut. Getting back to sleep was not easy.
We awake to the sound of drips from outside. BM gets up and I shout to him “Is it raining?” The response “No, that’s just me doing a wee!”
We’ve just looked, it is raining and my gardening efforts might not have been necessary. Typical. But. we will not be deterred, fun, laughter, drinking and burgers cooked on a ‘fiery toilet’ is the order of the day. Happy Saturday.

Afternoon. We had plenty to celebrate yesterday as TOPS Musical Society has been nominated for 8 awards for Copacabana, one for BM and another for our son. What a talented bunch.
The BBQ was a success, the rain stayed away, the new sofa was used and BM is still alive!
Here are 3 photographic signs that he might have been a bit worse for wear.

Firstly, he failed to remove the label from his new shirt, secondly, he added a teabag to my collection of corks, thirdly, he devoured a whole box of chocolates in seconds and finally, he split his shorts and doesn’t remember asking everyone to check if his **** were hanging out! Thankfully, all was good, apart from the shorts. They will indeed be joining the left over sausages in a black sack. Happy Sunday. X

Evening. When you get to a certain age comfort is key, and Crocs are my gardening ‘comfort’ footwear. Forgetting you are wearing them is also an age thing, and on the weekend I forgot. Not a classy look!
Today, I visited my parents. Their new gardener was at work. As we sat drinking tea, my dad announced “Johnson’s at the door.” I looked at the gardener to be told it was not his name, but a polite way of saying you have a drip at the end of your nose! It wasn’t me, but my mum, it’s an age thing!
Comfort was also key this afternoon, a tour of SCS for sofas and carpets. In true Goldilocks style, some were too soft, some too hard and some just right. I successfully got my parents to spend their money, and the salesman thanked me for doing his job.
Tomorrow we are off for our annual trip to the New Forest Show. X

Evening. It was wet and windy at the New Forest Show, so my dad took along today’s weather essential, sun cream!
In the flower tent was a home grown vegetable section. They were certainly not Tesco Value or Essential Waitrose sized vegetables , these were giant sized ones. But, finding a huge leek displayed alongside two oversized cauliflowers wasn’t dissimilar to what BM found on the BBQ on Sunday morning.  Positioning is key. Happy Tuesday. Xx

Evening. Three days With my parents at the New Forest Show and not only have I been the cause of them spending too much money but I’ve also apparently caused my dad to drink! I feel like a teenager again. X

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