My Daily Sigh

Happy Anniversary & Help Me Grow

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My Daily Sigh

Evening. It‘s been two weeks since I was blessed with this lovely gift.
I’m not sure I should be thanked. In the care of my useless green fingered hands, this rose has not grown, but is on the verge of death. Thankfully, my skills with teaching small children are not so disastrous.
Thank you though, to all who are helping me grow. I now have 100 YouTube subscribers.  x

Afternoon. Today, is our anniversary and I face the knowledge I have been married more years than unmarried. When you’ve been married that long, flowers go out the window but garden furniture comes in. I can watch the flowers I’ve lovingly planted, that I’ve not yet killed!
BM is indeed lucky to be alive, he announced I looked like a 4 year old doing messy play. I was about to be deeply offended until I looked in a mirror. Not sure, a clay face mask at my age is sensible!
Yes indeed, we have seen each other grumpy, seen each other glad and we’ve both certainly got our wobbly bits! BM’s behaviour is probably more bad than mine, I do not deliberately let off wind in a shop, turn and say loudly “ Was that you Fiona?” but as his card says, we see each other through and most importantly, we laugh. Here’s to us and to anyone else who is married! xx

Evening. Tonight, I’ve finished some online e-learning courses. One included ways of tackling and avoiding aggressive situations. It suggested ways of talking to emotional and irate people in order to defuse a situation.
Tonight, my son was getting a bit agitated so I tried the suggested approach. “ I understand you are frustrated, so let’s see if we can find an answer…” After my third attempt at empathy and responding calmly, I got the “ I hope this ‘I understand your frustration’ is **** going to stop, it’s making me even more frustrated!” This face says it all.

Afternoon. Modern life moves so fast and public services change with it. Innovation might make lives easier and improve some services but at what cost?
Today, I went to collect the repeat prescription I handed into my Dr two days ago. I thought I was supposed to be telepathic when I was told it was at another surgery. How was I to know this? Thinking positively, I took a deep breath and thought ‘At least that surgery is nearer home!’ I arrived at the surgery and asked for the prescription. After much questioning and computer research, I was told that unfortunately the Dr’s had got it wrong and the prescription was in fact at a 3rd surgery, the other end of town. I took two deep breaths and drove to the 3rd surgery. I was asked who had told me to come. I explained my tale of woe. I was asked if I was in a hurry and told to sit down in the waiting room.
After ringing round, me taking in even bigger breaths, they found that the prescription had been written, then lost, somewhere between the three surgery’s that joined together to make a better service. I have to return tomorrow! I’m sure my blood pressure is up, my stress levels have certainly increased, my car has wasted petrol, I have wasted time and all for nothing.
Thank goodness I was brought up to be patient, tolerant and kind. I managed a smile and a “don’t worry” as the receptionist apologised that I’d been sent on a wild goose chase. Wish me luck tomorrow.

Evening. I now have my painkillers and BM is still wishing me Happy Anniversary every time he farts, four days after the event!
Maybe I should have prioritised packing for a holiday I go on tomorrow, or perhaps even rushed home to take the washing that I put on early this morning out of the machine, instead, I chose a Prosecco lunch and chat with these lovely ladies! The fact I tried holiday clothes on earlier and was fed up because I am far removed from the size 12 I think I should be, did not deter my choice of adding extra calories to my body! I’m on holiday tomorrow after all, it’s going downhill even more.
Clarification of my plans is never easy with predictive text. I told my pals that BM would be ‘stripping’ me off on the way back from M & S, when in fact he was just ‘dropping’ me off. Happy Thursday. X

Honestly Fiona xx