My Daily Sigh

Missing & New Garden Furniture!

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My Daily Sigh

Morning. BM mocked me as I put son’s oversized photo into my handbag on the day of his graduation. “He’s not a missing person!” he exclaimed! He decided to photoshop one of my photos!
Yesterday, as BM stood in the garden looking up at a tree full of tweeting House Sparrows and eating an ice cream, his shorts yet again fell down round his ankles. It’s becoming a regular occurrence but this time he didn’t even notice. Should I be worried? His senses appear to have disappeared, just like his shorts. I have suggested new shorts, but he believes it’s a good thing and a sign he’s losing weight! I have another theory…but I don’t want to have my face on a missing photo, so won’t share it publicly! Happy Sunday xx

Evening. These people were not deep in meditation or prayer, they also actually knew each other. This was a pre rehearsal activity for those who were mobile, agile and had some sort of scraping device. It wasn’t me, I currently tick NONE of those boxes. Thankfully, lots of others do!
For your information masking tape does not easily remove from a floor after 6 months and tidying a classroom can take for ever! Thank goodness, for kind messages, Fortnum and Mason gifts and wine to keep me going! Xx

Evening. The Summer holidays have begun and this size of Friday tipple might not be enough!
BM has not quite got over the fact that firstly, I asked him to order this gnome in a mankini as a humorous gift and secondly, that it is now on his order history! Happy holidays to all teachers xx

Evening. The sun is now shining, the wind is doing a good job on my washing and my kitchen, at least is tidy. It helps to make my world a better place. Unlike, the salesman who I limped towards this morning and who said to me “Thanks for not running past me, can I interest you in. .” Who knows what he was selling? But please, me ‘RUNNING’, when it’s obvious I can hardly walk? Have a heart.  I’m looking for people in my life to make my world better, not rub my nose in it!  x

Morning. Golly, how the world changes and an old bird like me is struggling to keep up!
A number of Year 6 children in their Leavers Assembly said they wanted to be a YouTuber when they grow up, a non existent career when I was a child!
In my music assembly a child played Old Town Road on the piano brilliantly. I asked him when he started piano lessons. He said “ I haven’t had any, I learnt by watching YouTube!”
This morning, I have phoned the doctors twice to make an appointment about my back. I have been on hold unable to get through. What have I done? I have turned to YouTube. I have done some exercises and the ice pack will be on shortly!
Meanwhile, I’m contemplating making my next vlog about ‘ You know you are old when..’ It could be a long one so watch this space! x

Morning. Meet my new best friend who is feeling popular and in demand. I wish I was this cool! Enjoy the sunshine. X

Evening. We are having our annual Musical Society BBQ on Saturday, the day the weather changes from sun to rain!
BM has purchased some new garden furniture having found that most of our current seating is falling apart, rotten and rusty. It will hopefully be ready by Saturday, although he might not be! X

Evening. BM successfully completed his DIY task 2 days ahead of schedule, whilst I successfully ate one meals worth of calories in an ice cream.
The joy of a hot, humid day is that I didn’t feel like eating anything else, and when BM had to take all the huge empty boxes to the dump, it was completely empty! No one in their right mind would contemplate visiting the dump TWICE in 36 degrees heat.
if anyone wants to know what it’s like to be a menopausal, uncomfortable, overheating woman then today gave you that mid life female experience! Unbearable.

Honestly Fiona xx