My Daily Sigh

Fine Art & Missing Son’s Graduation

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My Daily Sigh

Evening. Tonight my passport has been renewed online. Who knew it was so quick and easy?…well, for BM to do. The difficult part was taking a successful digital photo of me that ticked all the right boxes. Being expressionless, for a woman with an overly expressive face was tricky, having eyes open after a night of little sleep required maximum effort, looking straight at the camera tested BM’s patience, and having no hair in front of my eyes was a huge challenge for a woman needing her fringe cut. My fine motor skills were eventually put to use, I didn’t realise my ability to cut in a straight line was so bad! Sadly, my face couldn’t be covered, the photo can’t be digitally altered to erase wrinkles, lines or grey hair and any chance of applying for Love Island is long gone.
Tiredness, a bad back and getting old might mean I occasionally lose my sparkle, but thank goodness for nails! I’ve gone for green. X

Evening. Absentmindedness is catching. BM kindly put a wash on, but instead of putting the washing liquid in the plastic washing container, he put it in an empty jar waiting to be put in the recycling bin!
Out in America son had to catch a bus. He got on and waited to pay the driver. Being ignored, he walked on to the bus thinking they were free. He messaged home to say “Are buses free in America?” As if? Whilst talking, he spotted people tapping something on entry. BM said it was probably like an Oyster card. “What do I do now as I’m on the bus?” replied a worried son. BM’s response ‘when the doors open, run!’. That’s one way to minimise any trouble. x

Evening. Today was both my final class assembly and Fine Art Club. Harry Hill would have found a place in ‘You’ve Been Framed’ for my assembly as children disappeared off the back of the stage, and Tony Hart would have found a place in his ‘Take Hart’ gallery for my penguin picture by Fiona aged 7 and a bit!
The fact that small children think I’m a fine artist makes me smile when I never took art. However, I do find it therapeutic, which after the assembly stress of this morning was something I needed. Tonights G&T also helped. Happy Thursday X

Morning. Yesterday we celebrated my son’s graduation without him. My family rolled their eyes as I tucked an oversized photo of him into my oversized handbag, but I now have a selection of graduation photos of him with his friends!
The magic of technology enabled son to share the whole celebration through FaceTime. Our arms and hands had a serious workout from holding the phone, but at least he was part of it! He set an early alarm in the USA, phoning from his bed just as the celebration started. He decided to get dressed half way through as being semi naked at your graduation is not a great look.
The certificates were given out by the lovely Zizi, ( Mary Poppins) a friend from long ago.
We missed him, but it was a lovely day. Meanwhile, he’s been dealing with Operation Possum. It involved security, police and a mop! x

Morning. BM mocked me as I put son’s oversized photo into my handbag on the day of his graduation. “He’s not a missing person!” he exclaimed! He decided to photoshop one of my photos!
Yesterday, as BM stood in the garden looking up at a tree full of tweeting House Sparrows and eating an ice cream, his shorts yet again fell down round his ankles. It’s becoming a regular occurrence but this time he didn’t even notice. Should I be worried? His senses appear to have disappeared, just like his shorts. I have suggested new shorts, but he believes it’s a good thing and a sign he’s losing weight! I have another theory…but I don’t want to have my face on a missing photo, so won’t share it publicly! Happy Sunday x

Honestly Fiona xx