My Daily Sigh

My Birthday & End Of An Era

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My Daily Sigh

Evening. Today, June has been busting out all over… with rain! Wearing open toed shoes and a cotton cardigan was a ‘cold’ mistake, tomorrow the socks and boots are back on my feet.
The day has had a few family stresses and BM is thrilled to be driving to Luton airport to pick up son, at 1am, in my small car, and in torrential rain!
Other son opens tomorrow in Pyjama Game at Guildford. He is playing the lead man on Wednesday evening, Thursday evening and Saturday evening should you be local. I’m off to have a hot bath, put on my pyjamas, watch Love Island and wait to be one year older!

Evening. Today, I am one year older and one year nearer to my pension. One of the children at school thought I was 25, which made my day. My son thought I was younger than my age. The shocked look on his face when he heard my age, did not make my day. Yep, I am that old!
Anyway, thank you for the gifts, flowers, cards and birthday wishes and thank you for the two rousing versions of happy birthday. Thank you to BM who shared an apparent favourite birthday photo of me sitting amongst the bluebells. He informed the world I was doing a wee!
I am truly blessed with sweet and honest people who care about me.x

Morning. Yesterday was Pirates day at school. I put on my best husky “0oo arrr” pirates voice, which pleased the children and raised a few ‘ Who is she?’ eyebrows with the adult gentlemen attending! I demonstrated the Hornpipe dance which they all had to join in with. The children loved it, the grown ups again raised their ‘ Who is she?’ eyebrows. I did ask that they didn’t judge my ability to dance, but pirates can get away with bad moves. Mine were excellent, well, according to the raised eyebrows! Asking the dads to walk the plank was perhaps a step too far, but they were given their Fathers Day card at the end of the plank and the children loved chanting
”Walk the plank, walk the plank.”
At the end of the afternoon we had indeed worked like captains and played like pirates. My body and voice arr today having a well earned rest. X

Evening. Yesterday, was the end of an era as we saw my youngest son perform his final show of ‘The Pyjama Game’ before graduating from college. It was a proud mummy moment.
Being a parent can be challenging, stressful, but also truly wonderful and watching him was just that.
I have been lucky to have amazing parents who still love, guide and support me even though they are in their eighties. They travelled the distance to come and watch my son in his show and met our friends afterwards. One friend came up to me later and said “ How come you speak so common when your parents are terribly well spoken?” My parents may have sent me to speech and drama as a child, but little did they know that drama would give me confidence, but ruin my speech! I’ve picked up elements of every accent I’ve ever come across from pirate to Cockney!
Happy Fathers Day to all fathers wherever they may be, who love guide and show the way, just like mine. X

Honestly Fiona xx