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Gig On The Green & Saying Goodbye

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My Daily Sigh

Morning. Gig on the Green was hot hot and VERY HOT.! This is the body that wore factor 50 in the heat and the face that really struggled. Whilst some people wore fashionable crop tops, shorts or mini dresses, I tried a parasol, a fan, water, a hat and sunglasses, but this is how I finally coped, an umbrella hat and standing in a bucket of iced water! Comfort over fashion is the way forward for me.
The bands were great, the company brilliant, I’m covered in sequins and my eyes weeped! It may have been an emotional week, but allergies took me by surprise. Today is day two, I’ve taken Piriteze already, but thankfully it’s cooler! Happy Sunday all x

Afternoon. Day 2 of Gig on the Green and for me the star act was Elvis! It may have had less people, less alcohol and less sequins, but it was cooler, more laid back and still enjoyable. I nearly nodded off several times in the sunshine which was testament to my relaxed state, or perhaps the alcohol consumed!
Today, my youngest son’s Visa arrived and the knowledge that our life will change. He’s passed his medical, signed his work contract and at the end of this week goes away for 9 months on his first performing professional job. Bang goes our lifts home after a night out, that short lived bubble is coming to an end before it’s even started! X

Evening. It might still be hot, but the glittery face of the weekend has lost a bit of its sparkle and the allergy streaming eyes, replaced with tears. Saying “goodbye” to a loved one is emotional, but knowing you won’t see them for 9 months is difficult, however proud of them you might be. My son is currently sitting on a plane waiting to take off. He goes to Miami for 2 months of rehearsals before going into ‘We Will Rock You’ on the Royal Caribbean Cruise line.
It has slightly ‘rocked’ my emotional state, as has being asked to help a child decide which out of two teachers he should chose to be his wife! Sadly, I’m too old and not beautiful enough, I was not one of the two selected! X

Morning. It’s nearly 10am and today is already pushing me to its limits. You get to Friday, after an emotional week and with a list as long as your arm of jobs to do and find your back has gone. I chuck a full mug of tea over some electrical appliances and the new bedroom carpet. I then look to see if the wash I asked my son to put on has actually been put in the machine and the fact I want to curse will give you the answer!
BM has told me he will help and I must not worry, what a relief. He has brought me breakfast, it is missing the usual yoghurt and blueberries. Son forgot to purchase them even though they were on his shopping list. BM has kindly added cherries he found after Gig on the Green, a week ago to make up for it, they weren’t ours but what does it matter? BM went off saying “ I’m off to have my breakfast.” As he gets to the top of the stairs I remind him “ What about the washing you were going to put on?” An about turn was made…I believe he might have cursed. Me, worried ? Happy Saturday all. PS. My other son has arrived safely in Miami, I know, because he needed £20! X

Morning. After yesterday’s post, the good news is that several washes went on, the bad news is they are still in the garden. That overworked fairy only did half her job.
If my body isn’t reminding me I’m getting old, my random behaviour is!
Son FaceTimed us from Miami and as we sat chatting on the bed, my other son popped in to say “ hello.” He waved at him, immediately went to leave, looked at me quizzically and said “Who are YOU waving at?” I wasn’t even aware I was waving, I’m going senile!
When feeling old, laughter is key and this morning I have laughed out loud. BM was in his dressing gown, making a cup of tea. He pulled open the cutlery drawer, pushed it closed and it caught his robe tie. As he stepped away unknowingly, his dressing gown flew open. Just glad it didn’t happen in front of guests, they would have had an eyeful! My back is painful, I’m losing my mind but we both roared with laughter. X

Honestly Fiona xxx