My Daily Sigh

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My Daily Sigh

Evening. BM is away working. He’s enjoying a week of fine dining, sunshine and sailing. I’m truly sorry for him.
I’m feeling my age. I’m working, chauffeuring, struggling to sleep, failing at being a domestic goddess and am not fine dining. I’m truly sorry for me.
I’ve apparently failed at the simple task of feeding the cats and been offered advice from an in house expert. Firstly, chucking a sachet of Felix in their bowl is not how it’s done, I need to chop it up so the flavours and aromas waft across the kitchen.  (yep, enticing the cats and making me feel sick) Secondly, they don’t like Plaice, so why purchase it? ( Please tell this to those that created multipacks) Finally, I should warm it up like you warm up kibble. “ What’s kibble?” I ask. Cat biscuit. Who knew?
If only my in house expert was as knowledgeable about bed making as he is about cat food. Night x

Afternoon. Yes, shocked I know. Today, the small children in my care all took part in a range of sporting activities. They did not have an idea of speed or the concept of racing. Their idea of long jump included falling over and rolling in true Superhero style. Balancing went out the window as they held their balls on to their bats, and their eggs on to their spoons. They moved the markers measuring the furthest throw of the javelin backwards, as they didn’t understand what was required to win. They kept running round the circle when playing Duck Duck Goose and as for skipping, it was tears, tantrums and a total tangled mess! But it’s the taking part that matters and they all took part, including me!
My three legged race technique is improving with age. The suggestion of saying “left right left right” was not helpful to a person on the other side who was going “ right left, right left“ but shouting “middle out, middle out” all the way down the track helped to keep me moving and upright. The bonus was that Green team won and I’m ready for bed and it’s not yet 6pm. Happy Friday x

Morning. This is the body that needed 9 hours sleep, this is the body that knows it ran a race, this is the body that is feeling a little stiff and this is the body that is going to risk industrial action and go by train to her college reunion..wish me luck!

Evening. The reunion was great and I had luck with the trains, they came!
I felt under dressed amongst the heels, hats and posh frocks at Clapham Junction & most of the staff hadn’t a clue what was going on, but I eventually got on the right train at the right time. Unfortunately, senility has reached my ageing brain cells and I got off at the wrong station! Fortunately, I’ve got good friends who rescued me from the wrong station and also untangled my sunglasses from the mess that is my hair.
Afterwards, my head was a few hairs lighter and my waistline a few calories heavier. Thank you ladies & gents for a lovely day x

Afternoon. BM has returned from the sun and sea. Mess and chaos has returned to the household.
My in house cat expert who can’t make a bed has obviously got his skills from his father. He can’t make a bed either. Firstly, he only wants a sheet covering him at night so the duvet must be pushed to the middle and secondly, he can’t sort out the duvet within the cover on a daily basis. Apparently, this lumpy mess is an acceptable bedroom look.

Evening. This week has flown by but been emotionally and physically draining. New small children have visited our school, we had a fundraising quiz night, a school summer fun night and the sad funeral of a child I taught aged 5 who sadly, lost his battle with cancer.
I don’t often go to a Quiz. My memory is poor, general knowledge not great and my specialist subjects non existent. However, we went, we laughed, ate too much food and won a prize. It was the losers prize, a squeaking chicken! I put the chicken in my handbag as we left to go to the pub. I visited the ladies room, and as I picked up my bag, the movement made the chicken squeak. The lady in the next cubicle must have wondered who was in there and what on earth was going on!
I wondered the same tonight when I was on the tattoo stall and a tattoo wouldn’t stick, except I’d forgotten to take off the plastic!
However, I do know what is going on this weekend, it’s my favourite weekend of the year, Gig on the Green.

Honestly Fiona xx