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  • My Daily Sigh

    Gig On The Green & Saying Goodbye

    My Daily Sigh Morning. Gig on the Green was hot hot and VERY HOT.! This is the body that wore factor 50 in the heat and the face that really struggled. Whilst some people wore fashionable crop tops, shorts or mini dresses, I tried a parasol, a fan, water, a hat and sunglasses, but this …

  • My Daily Sigh

    College Reunion & Cat Expert

    My Daily Sigh Evening. BM is away working. He’s enjoying a week of fine dining, sunshine and sailing. I’m truly sorry for him. I’m feeling my age. I’m working, chauffeuring, struggling to sleep, failing at being a domestic goddess and am not fine dining. I’m truly sorry for me. I’ve apparently failed at the simple …

  • My Daily Sigh

    My Birthday & End Of An Era

    My Daily Sigh Evening. Today, June has been busting out all over… with rain! Wearing open toed shoes and a cotton cardigan was a ‘cold’ mistake, tomorrow the socks and boots are back on my feet. The day has had a few family stresses and BM is thrilled to be driving to Luton airport to …