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My Daily Sigh

Evening. When you cast a glance at the wedding photos you took and realise your friends deserve a special award for patience and understanding! Not only did the selfie stick photo require deep contemplation but I appear to have either drifted off or be doing some anti ageing facial exercises and cheek lifts!

My mind, body and soul have been shouting at me for weeks to make time for myself, today I listened. I used BM’s 2018 Christmas present and had a foot scrub and body massage. My mind is less stressed, my body more relaxed and my soul has decided that a cat’s life is the answer!

Afternoon. Today, I say a fond farewell to BM. He has graced our bathroom window sill for a number of years. His chubby cheeked grin has smiled at us as we stepped on the bathroom scales, his unflattering, fashion faux pas trunks were a reminder what not to wear when you were a ‘plus’ size and his double chin, ample girth and man boobs were a hopeful weight loss incentive to those that needed it. Sadly, it didn’t work, as all of the above still exist in this house.
BM is now tired, faded, armless and ready to be a memory in the album of ‘tacky’ presents that once made us smile. Thanks for the memories.
Have you got a ‘tacky’ gift you’d like to share? Happy Friday x

Afternoon.Last night, I had my first Wagamama meal. The wooden bench seats were a bit hard for my delicate posterior but the food was yummy.
We then went to see the brilliant film, Rocketman about Elton John. As the credits rolled I was sad he felt unloved as a child, grateful his rock and roll lifestyle didn’t kill him and wondered how I got popcorn stuck in the delicate latticework of my shirt.
Today is the last day of the holiday so I’m having a ‘funday’ tidying. As I struggled with the hoover downstairs, BM, ever ‘giving’ surprised me by saying “I’ll do that!” He hoovered the lounge. “You must be pleased with me?” he said “ I think I deserve a break.” He is now asleep on the sofa in front of the TV and the door is shut so no tidying can go on around him. I am so pleased. Happy Sunday x

Evening. Yesterday a fantastic trip to Bocketts Farm. The weather was ideal, the children loved it and I got to see a Bambi lookalike up close.
Today, the sad news that someone I taught aged 5, who has lived much of his brave short life fighting a horrible disease, has died. Life can be cruel, unfair and so full of ups and downs.
After a night of singing at TOPS to try and lift my mood, the car has broken down on the M3. We have a two hour wait for the RAC, I might be a tad tired tomorrow.

Evening. It’s Friday and this week has been exhausting. When you get to a certain age and your body is flagging, sitting down often means you don’t get back up! Add the perfect cat pillow and not moving is more appealing than ever.
I’m proud to say I gave myself a firm talking to and went to my ‘dance’ class. On the way back I saw the beautiful wild meadow garden that has been allowed to grow on the local Green. Wishing more community space was used in this way, it’s stunning.
Meanwhile, BM is eating, drinking and admiring Zizzi’s of Salisbury. He’s wearing a decontamination suit, just in case. Happy Friday x

Evening. Today’s footwear says a lot about me. My Saturday has been spent being the Queen of washing, cleaning, hoovering and now, Prosecco. A Prosecco Queen doesn’t drink any old Prosecco, she finds one that is GOLD, and she is now off to watch what should be her favourite film, Bohemian Rhapsody! I wonder if it will match Rocketman? X

Honestly Fiona xx