My Daily Sigh

The Joys of My Men & College Friends

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My Daily Sigh

Evening. Son arrives home from work, pops his head round my bedroom door and blows a kiss, I blow one back! “Ah was that for me?” I ask sweetly. “It was actually to the cat!” he replies.
I know my place.  Next time you want to borrow £10 or a lift, why not ask the cat?

Evening. I reach Friday feeling like I’ve run a marathon but with my legs having hardly moved.
Today, a parent suggested me and a colleague were ‘legends!’ Yes, I’m that old and entering the realms of being iconic.
Tonight my mobile rang, followed by the house phone, it was my son. I heard BM say “Oh, you want mum?”
It must be important, I thought, BM can’t help! The phone was passed to me. “Please could you put my washing on? I forgot to do it and need the clothes for tomorrow.”
Yes indeed, I’m a legend. . . in blooming washing!

Morning. I didn’t watch Eurovision or Madonna sing out of tune, I had a house of several male guests who are filming a Mockumentary to contend with.
The men in my life are living life close to the edge.
We were running out of toilet rolls, so I asked son to buy some. I go to the bathroom and there is no toilet roll. I message son to ask where they are. They are in the back of the car, it’s in Guildford!
The house is quiet, guests are sleeping and enjoying a lie in. BM is making his Earl Grey tea which has to brew for 4 minutes precisely. He sets a timer on Alexa and shouts
”Alexa set timer for 4 minutes.” Alexa shouts back “Your 4 minute timer is set.” BM screams back ”Reduce volume Alexa!” The world is awake and it’s not just Alexa who needs to reduce her volume.
Guess who is most likely to kill their partner? Me, along with both names of my son’s girlfriends! Is it any wonder? They are lucky it’s Sunday, a day of peace to all men.

Evening. Today the author of one of my favourite children’s books, ‘The Tiger Who Came To Tea’ died. Not only have I read the story at school, and performed it for my class assembly, but when one of my sons was a fussy eating toddler, I would entice him to actually eat food by telling him the story every day! Amazingly, it worked.
How I wish she had a written a story called ‘The Camel Who Came To Clean.’
RIP Judith Kerr and thank you.

Morning. I’ve reached half term and my Fine Art club for 6-7 year olds reached the end of their project, recreating my paint night creation from a few weeks ago.
This week we may well be saying “hello” Summer with the start of warm weather, but Fine Art Club needed to say a final “ farewell” to Spring with their cotton bud pink blossom, a piece of artwork to keep and be proud of. The joys of teaching.
Now I’m on holiday, let the sun shine, my body rest and my house be clean! I need that Camel book.

Morning. In life you meet friends you know will always be in your life. Our lives have changed, children grown up, we live in different places, but my college friends are those people! We meet up regularly, chat like we were together yesterday and laugh like we were 18 years old again.
Today, is the first wedding of one of our children. A new chapter begins for them and us. We will be raising a toast to the happy couple and over 35 years worth of friendship. Cheers.

Afternoon. Well, what a fabulous wedding we celebrated yesterday with lots of love, laughter and lessons to be learnt.
BM took from the wedding service that marriage is all about ‘giving’. I have had 24 hours of dramatic ‘giving’ hand gestures every time he gave anything to me!
Sadly, his ‘giving’ didn’t extend to hotel TV choice. Whilst having an OAP nap, he watched a war film. As he snored ‘Neighbours’ came on. Half way through it, he woke up and switched the TV over to Scooby Doo!
“I was sort of watching that.” I say. “You were looking at your phone!” he says.
Five minutes later, I cast a glance at BM who is no longer watching TV but also looking at his phone! I point this out and get told “ Well, who wants to watch a rubbishy Soap anyway?”
No indeed, much better to watch a grown up, classy, cartoon.
Marriage is all about ‘giving’…in BM’s case, his own TV advice.

Honestly Fiona  xx