My Daily Sigh

Afternoon. I’m feeling sleepy and it’s not even 5pm.
This is me singing ‘ I’m so over men’ in a recent cabaret, it caused me to clench my fists and pull this attractive face.
In the middle of last night, this face and fist clenching was also pulled when BM woke me up howling loudly like a wolf. He was running away from. . . Daleks, in his sleep! Sweet dreams.

Afternoon. Last night BM decided to make a cheap regular Spag Bol. As we sat at the table eating together, he made ‘yummy’ sounds! Son agreed it was nice, so BM asked if we would like to know how it was made. BM went into great detail and announced “Do you know what the secret ingredient was?”. We didn’t. “Cinnamon” he replied. “Where did you get that from?” I asked, meaning ‘the idea.’ His response.. “The shelf!”
He continued, “oh, I forgot, I didn’t have any red wine, so I put in that Port you bought at Christmas!”
Not sure Cinnamon was the special ingredient!

Evening, Happy Valentine’s Day to you all!
My romantic meal got cancelled, although a night out is hopefully being rescheduled for the weekend. My romantic flowers never arrived, the dead daffodils I bought two weeks ago will have to stay in the vase for a bit longer. 99p well spent. But I did get a card, and I’ve survived 30 years of Valentine’s Day with this one, so who says romance is dead!

Evening. Happy half term!

Words in my world are always key, the key to being misunderstood!

Yesterday we learnt the sound ‘igh.’ As I showed the sound card and demonstrated the action to the children, I said “It’s ‘igh’ as in the kite is flying h- igh.” A child looked up at the ceiling and said “Where?”

We later had a sports survey. 4 year olds don’t get surveys, they put their hands up for everything!
As we discussed clubs, swimming was mentioned. A child put up a hand “I go swimming and we have floaties.” Not quite catching what was said, I asked. “You have floaters in the pool?” I hope not.

Afternoon. My head and heart enjoyed our belated Valentines treat in London, my bad back sadly didn’t. Yesterday, BM and I went to watch the fantastic Songs For Nobodies, had a meal at Pizza Express and met up with friends in a bar.
Today, he has finally done a task that was to be his Christmas present to me, sorting out his underwear drawer.
His head and heart think he’s completed the job, his body actually hasn’t.
These two piles have been left. One pile is apparently his emergency socks to be put in a plastic bag just in case, the other, his sporting undergarments, who knows where they are going! Apparently, walking up and down our stairs is causing him to feel faint, so not convinced they will be getting much wear anytime soon. Is it just BM who doesn’t understand the idea of sorting and having a clear out?

Honestly Fiona