My Daily Sigh

Afternoon. Not only has Art Week been therapeutic for both me and the class, but it has opened my eyes to a potential career change.
A child took one look at my pastel owl picture and announced it was good enough for Marks and Spencer! Praise indeed.
Just waiting for that phone call, a substantial pay cheque and maybe my teaching career will be at an end sooner than aged 68!

Evening. I ordered a low fat Salted Caramel Tub of Ice Cream from Tesco’s on Tuesday and today decided I wanted some. GONE!
BM made the excuse that he thought he had ordered it and therefore gradually eaten it in his sickly state. He did not get my sympathy. He tried to say he had ‘gradually’ had a bowl a night, obviously without offering his good wife any. I pointed out it meant half a carton was consumed both Tuesday and Wednesday, today is only Thursday. Gradual?
Waiting to see if the snow arrives in force, it hasn’t yet!

Morning. Well the snow came in overnight, it’s a SNOW DAY for me!
We don’t often get the white stuff down South, so it’s nice to see the world cold, but pretty and let the kids enjoy it.
My eyesight is not what it was, my brain neither, my fingers don’t work properly and the need to check what I say and write is becoming more and more apparent!
Thankfully, this morning, as I messaged a friend to say ‘All the local schools are shut’ I checked. When ‘u’ and ‘i’ get mixed up you can get yourself into all sorts of trouble.  Enjoy.

Evening. Yesterday, late afternoon, the snow well and truly fell from the sky. BM skidded several times when trying to pick up our son and couldn’t get his car up a gentle incline at the end of our road.
Today, the sun came out, as did my wellies. They only normally exit the boot of my car in May, when I go to the farm and goats like a nibble of the boot buckle. They were well and truly surprised to be in use in January, as was my Fitbit who has seen very little action when it comes to steps!

Evening. It is Wellbeing week at school and also, my class assembly. I’m trying to stay mentally strong, but we are a rehearsal down thanks to the snow and the song ‘Happiness’ from ‘You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown’ is infuriatingly on repeat in my head.

I’m hoping ‘Happiness’ is this simple for the children in my class.

‘ Happiness is finding a pencil’ They might find one, but is it sharp and working? Possibly not, they could be disappointed.

‘Pizza with sausage’ Pizza was on the menu today. The options were cheese and tomato or ham and pineapple. The child who said “Pepperoni please!” was very disappointed.

‘Telling the time.’ I rang the bell to tidy up. “Is it home time?” asked a child. We had been in school 45 minutes!

Happiness, is not as simple as the words of a song, but their singing on the other hand…

Morning. When you haven’t slept and you know tea is going to be an essential element of getting through the day, having any observational powers is encouraging. The fact it was a ‘Layers of Joy’ dessert in the fridge is perhaps not so. When one layer of joy seems missing, you inspect the lid of the pot to check if someone has opened it and eaten the top layer of cream, my job of teacher goes out the window and detective comes in.
Conclusion, Cadbury was at fault, a lack of layers and no joy.

Afternoon. Yesterday, my menopausal body and overactive mind woke me far too early. After failing to get back to sleep, I decided to be positive, get up and be useful.
My bad back has been dodgy so I took some painkillers, tidied the kitchen, swept the floor, put on a wash and took myself to work.
This positivity has backfired, I’m doomed. How was I know it was Chinese New Year?
Taking painkillers means I have a year ahead of illness, leaving the house and coping with crying children means a year of bad luck ( It’s my job!) and sweeping and washing means I’ve swept away any chance of wealth! My own children have helped to do this, but a tiny amount would be nice.
Lets hope the red envelope I was given yesterday, will restore some luck.

Honestly Fiona xx