My Daily Sigh.

Morning. Yesterday was spent removing Christmas from our home.
The waifs and strays who turned up for NYE might have only been a few, but Alexa had her work cut out keeping up with multiple instructions, and the already delicate Christmas tree took a huge battering. ‘Shake the Christmas tree’ and ‘Throw the baubles’ were innovative games that meant that Pat the angel was no longer on the top of the tree with a crick in her neck! She had fallen from a great height. There was little point in returning her to some dry old sticks for a couple of days, so Honestly got to work to put Christmas away.
All is back in the roof for another year.

Now wondering how long the dry old sticks will decorate the garden for?

Afternoon. There is seasonal confusion down on the South coast.
It might be early January but I’ve taken a little trip to my parents and there are signs of Spring.
Not only are flowers in bloom, a disabled, one legged, hopping pigeon was trying his luck. Unfortunately for him, the lady pigeon must have had a headache, she stuck two feathers up at him!
I’ve got a headache too, but age related, not seasonal.
When a menopausal woman awakes at 5am and can’t sleep due to husband snoring, one has the urge to not just stick two feathers up at him, but smother him with a whole pillows worth. . . lovingly, of course.

Bang goes my positive ‘New Year’ vibes.

Evening. Gotta love the South Coast on a sunny, but freezing cold Winters day when there’s hardly anyone around.
Would have loved British Rail as they allowed me not to drive, except all trains home were either cancelled or delayed.
Gotta love my mum, who on inspecting the extensive wildlife in her garden ahead of the Big Garden Bird Count, announced you could count other animals as well as birds. She spotted two squirrels, and then a new species she didn’t recognise. It was a piece of wood.
I’ve got high hopes for the Garden Bird Count on the South Coast.

Afternoon. A fantastic Christmas get together with ‘old friends.‘ It involved 5 different cocktails, 5 different food courses, game playing, a lot of singing and planning, yep, wait for it, a Saga holiday!
Being ‘old’ friends we realised that 9/10 of our party were in the Saga age bracket. Sadly, I was the eldest of all 10, which is why I was the lightweight who went to bed at 3.15am, not 5am!
The aim of our planned holiday is to show other ‘oldies’ how to party and have fun, we all do it so well.
Today a lot of our party will be enjoying life on the sofa, we do that so well too.
Tomorrow, exercise and diet begins. One of our party bought a multi gym so he can add weights to his fitness regime. BM said he didn’t need weights as he lifts his own weight, it’s apparently the equivalent!

Exercise and weight loss is an area we don’t do so well in. Let’s hope we can work on it.

Evening. Silence is golden, unless you are ill. My silence has been due to a failing, ailing, body and mind. My world is rife with germs with a capital G.
A nasty bug confined me to bed, too much bed sent my back into spasm and resulting drugs left me a mess. BM has enjoyed blaming the gibberish I speak on the super strength drugs I’m taking, I’m in fact, being quite normal. So what, if tonight I asked my son to clean ‘the table with gravy’, ‘’with’ and ‘of’ are similar. . .  ish words, well, to a befuddled brain.
BM announced he’d had two weeks without a drink, a statement like that and he must surely be on drugs too? Fingers crossed 2019 improves, and my body and brain get back in order. Please keep using disinfectant to ward away those germs, eat plenty of blueberries and look after yourselves.

Evening, I might be tired and not feeling my best, but I managed to muster a smile on discussing the shape of a pear in class. I was pleased with the words ‘round’ ‘oval’, ‘cone’ and ‘triangle’ but the one I empathised with most was ‘tummy’.
Yep, that child’s observational powers are top notch, my tummy is sadly pear shaped, and has long since given up on wearing  tight skirts.

Afternoon. Months ago when my body moved like a 50 year old, I booked to see a local Take That Tribute Act. The event was last night when ‘Shine’ was the last thing I wanted to do.

I did drink Prosecco like a young lady, but spent the evening rocking it out from a chair at the back like an old woman. One of my friends was on crutches thanks to a knee replacement, so the chair rockers were out in force, attempting to give their best chair dance moves!
At the end of the evening, not sure if it was a small car, ample derrières or too much Prosecco, that caused three women to spend far too long hysterically finding ‘holes’ for their seatbelts, not particularly quietly!
It was a good night, just what I needed and yep, I even waved my arms with gusto to Shine.

 Honestly Fiona xx