My Daily Sigh.

Morning. For the first time I’ve gone for gold. It’s Christmas, so I’m hoping with all the preparations my nails will last. For the first time I have Christmas bedding and sadly, no panto to go to.
Not for the first time, I’m feeling chilly, my body temperature is all over the place. Just walked downstairs and realised why. Not for the first time, I heard the birds cheeping loudly, the bi fold door wide open and welcoming the world to help themselves to our Christmas presents under the tree. Jesus might have been born in a stable but my two were born in a barn.

Morning. As BM forced open his overflowing underwear drawer that I’ve asked him several times to sort, the handle fell off. I pointed out that this was why I had asked him several times to do this particular job. I think it came as a shock. He seems to think I’m some sort of an obsessive tidying ‘nag.’ He responded with ‘My Christmas present to you will be to sort out my pants!’. A Happy Christmas to me indeed.
Here’s hoping that all of you will have your Christmas wishes granted and spend a happy and blessed Christmas with family and friends.
Thank you for sticking by me with all my ups, downs and pointless sighs on Honestly Fiona, it’s very much appreciated. Keep smiling. xx

Evening, I blinked & Christmas is over!
We’ve successfully consumed large amounts of food and drink, spent a lovely time with family and friends and all in 48 hours.
We give thanks for thoughtful, kind gifts and many opportunities to laugh. These two aspects were combined when BM and I opened our second Christmas meal table gifts.
The first table gifts were home made chocolates and soap, very sweet and subtle. The second table gifts were odour eaters and root spray, the very opposite!!  Happy Boxing Day to you all. X

Evening. Anyone would think it was Spring or that I had a nesting urge after today’s desire to clean and sort the entire kitchen. Sadly, a menopausal woman who is of an age where she struggles to move and wakes up having dribbled profusely on her pillow, is beyond ‘nesting.’
No, as Honestly Fiona looks toward 2019, she faces the realisation she’s an old bird with a nest that needed some attention. Today, it got it.

Morning, as the end of 2018 is in sight ( for those with perfect vision!) I realise I am getting older, more tired, my body often struggles and I probably moan a lot about my ailments!
Yesterday, an amazing lady in her late eighties who has had a huge impact on the lives of my family was awarded the British Empire Medal in the Queens New Years Honour list. This was for services to children in Stage Dance and Theatre in London. She has raised lots of money for Variety Club and The Make A Wish Foundation, and still continues to do so. It was her group that my children joined aged 3 to give them confidence, and through her they have had many wonderful performing opportunities.
I then think of my mum, also in her eighties, who in 2018 was awarded the Benemerenti award for her continuing work for charity and the church.
These two women I have always admired and looked up to. They are far older than me, work continuously for others despite having their own health issues to contend with, but they keep going!
In 2019 I am going to give myself a good talking to! Happy New Years Eve Eve.

Evening. Last night we had a pre New Years Eve get together with friends, some of who wouldn’t be around tonight. Tonight, we are having a Waifs and Strays get together for anyone with no where else to go.
BM has just found a half eaten pork pie in the fridge. When asked who it belonged to son said he had left it for someone else to eat. He followed this by saying ‘it wasn’t very nice anyway!’
Any hungry guests going to the fridge tonight are in for a NYE food treat!
Happy New Year to you and your families and good health to all.
May 2019 be a time of sharing both special, and pork pie moments!  Cheers xxx

Honestly FIona xx