My Daily Sigh

Christmas Fun Arrives And A Toilet Roll Is In The Wash!

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My Daily Sigh.

Evening, Christmas has arrived! Yesterday I ate my first Christmas dinner, pulled my first cracker and donned my first Christmas hat of 2018.
Today we performed our final show of the ‘Inn Spectors’ Nativity. The donkey sang the blues and did his Elvis Presley dance to huge cheers, the star angel twinkled and dazzled, the inspectors kept their ties around their necks instead of winding them round Joseph’s chair legs and the sheep decided to baa. This was an improvement on yesterday when it was just me. Love a Nativity.
After school we were planning our next school production, oh yes we were. . .

Evening. Happy Christmas to my Fitbit, it’s currently recovering from the fact that I did nearly 10,000 steps before lunch today and at work! Thanks to a long, exhausting walk to the church with 44 small people to learn all about Christmas my Fitbit is in shock, so is my body.
My fridge is also in shock as I actually gave it a Christmas clean. Unfortunately, BM was not impressed that my clear out Involved putting all potatoes together as apparently each potato is entirely different. It was therefore my fault that tonight’s potatoes did not roast properly. Me being blamed came as no shock at all.

Evening. After a busy week I had a lovely day celebrating Christmas in style with these lovely ladies in Reading. Style was not the look I was going for on my journey home when my so called ‘comedy’ hat started to slip… upwards!
We laughed, chatted, drank and ate with a spot of shopping added to the mix! A bargain day out with £25 only spent on a meal and 5/6 drinks, including cocktails. Thank goodness we know the female version of Martin Lewis who knows how to get a good day out deal! Happy Saturday.

Evening. Today my family were thrilled. I made a family WhatsApp group so I could share my Christmas shopping experience.

When I was young I always had a Christmas stocking that included a satsuma, an annual, and a lump of coal. Times have changed, my sons have deodorant, pants and socks. Kids sadly get to an age, in my case aged 26 and 22, when they are fussy about the colour, quality, brand and design of such garments!  I decided to send photos to check suitability and ensure I wasn’t wasting my money.
One hour later, after several photos and messages had passed I heard from BM who was out working.
He thanked me for the continuous interruption, photos and messages during his. . . filming of a dance show. Oops.


Evening, only a woman who is over worked, over wrought and over tired would put on a delicate wash, take it out and stand looking at one of her garments wondering how it had shrunk so badly, before realising it was the toilet roll she brought downstairs to put in the downstairs toilet!  Roll on Friday.

Evening. When the Christmas jumper and Santa hat are on and my colleague is dressed as an Elf, you know it’s Christmas dinner day!
Sprouts weren’t popular but everyone loves a cracker.
Sadly, the joke ‘what is white and goes up’ was not one. Never mind the snowflake being confused, it took me a while.
A child at the end of the day said “All I want for Christmas is you Mrs * “. Whilst this might have been a joke it made my day, at my great age you take any compliment offered. Happy Wednesday

TEvening. Friday has finally rolled in and I’m extremely relieved. Last night Hollywood, today the world of panto.
Hollywood brought out the kleptomaniac in me with masks, sunglasses, gold beads and a sparkly hat all finding themselves into my handbag. Prosecco brought out youthful dance moves and high kicks that my body is no longer able to do, my head thinks it can, and my bad back is paying for.
Panto today, brought out the wig box from the roof and subtle glamorous make up that only a gal of a certain age can get away with. Nanny Norah’s ageing lips might be getting thinner but with big painted lips there will thankfully be no need for Botox anytime soon! Maybe, a new hairstylist wouldn’t go amiss.

Honestly Fiona xx