My Daily Sigh.

Evening, my Monday might have had a few moments, but I had the joy of finally seeing my winning raffle hamper! What a selection box of beauty goodies, an added bonus of a bottle of pink fizz to help me on my way and £30 worth of Indian Takeaway vouchers. Christmas has indeed come early.
Sadly, for some Christmas might not happen at all. Son now has to work Christmas Day in the pub and Alexa is in big trouble for failing to add 10 mins to her timer. BM has just called her a “useless tart.” It was in relation to cooking.

Evening, yesterday was yet another day as a winner. I suppose that’s what you call being elected as secretary for the Musical Society. Not sure how it happened, I didn’t open my mouth. BM kindly did, on my behalf.

Tonight I have had the most wonderful Massage. I now feel totally exhausted and ready for my bed. The last time I had one was the one and only night in a very long time that my hormones, brain, body and BM snoring, didn’t wake me up. I’m hoping for a repeat. BM is in Germany so that might help! Happy Wednesday.

Evening, the Christmas jumper came out of the top of the wardrobe this morning. I was hoping for a bit of Christmas Cheer, but Bah Humbug has been my middle name.
The weather doesn’t help, buildings are either too hot or too cold. As a door was flung open to cool a room, I was bemoaning the fact that BM often says ‘shall we put the heating on as it’s chilly’ only for me to see him sitting in a t-shirt with no clothes on. Ok, the ‘no clothes’ was not an accurate description of his attire, I actually meant ‘no Winter clothes’. However, colleagues are now under the impression he walks round naked in the Winter time and who knows what they think of me?
In order to try and restore some festive merriment to my befuddled state of mind my new LED tree came into action. Look at it twinkle, look at it sparkle… yep, a Nativity song has sprung to my mind!

Morning, a night out with colleagues on Friday and a day in London yesterday!
Walking round London meant my Fitbit celebrated me walking 10,000 steps for the first time in weeks. Having a free flowing Prosecco cream tea meant the celebration was short lived.
Visiting the plush Harrods toilets meant we experienced personal air freshening. My friend was particularly worried she smelt bad after only doing a wee when the air freshener spray came out in full force! She felt better when the cleaner lady explained it was her job to spray every cubicle after every couple of visits whatever was done,  and it wasn’t just her! We smiled back sweetly.

We didn’t smile quite so sweetly to the customer who had a spare chair at their table in the restaurant. When asked if we could please use it we were told “No sorry, we need it for our bags!” We picked our jaws up off the floor, alongside our own handbags, which were possibly not ‘bags’ the calibre of Harrods!

Evening. My nails have taken a battering, so this afternoon I had the purple nail polish treatment with an essential hint of Christmas.
My hormones have been up the creek at night. Finding the heating pushed up to maximum when your body is already struggling with overheating, is definitely not essential.
My dieting toast and avocado lunch was going down well, until I saw a packet of cakes with the words ‘essential’ written on them. I blame Waitrose. Who tries to promote cakes as essential? I’m so gullible.

Evening. When my son said he had a day off and would do the Christmas decorations I was full of hope. I have come home to find BM and son have purchased a Christmas tree so big it won’t fit in the lounge. BM apparently asked for a 7ft tree . He is over 6 ft and you’d think he’d have sussed this was not a 7ft tree.
The kitchen has now been reorganised, a manky saw is out, as Pat, the angel, bought in memory of my dear gran is currently not going to fit on top. Christmas dilemmas.

Evening. My tree has lights, decorations and Pat, the angel is flying high! She is so high, her head touches the ceiling. Thankfully, she is so wedged there’s no chance of her falling, unlike me who on leaving work fell over on my ankle and is now nursing a throbbing foot!

The end of a long Nativity dress rehearsal afternoon which had a variety of costume malfunctions we need to work on. Headdresses over eyes, Key Nativity characters with off the shoulder looks and stars with light packs that needed rescuing from trouser legs. So glad there was no audience, but tomorrow we have one. Fingers crossed.

Morning, I reach Saturday with a head that’s full of cold but with the knowledge that I might not need to be my boys chauffeur for much longer! Oh I forgot, he hasn’t got a car and mine is an automatic. Little steps.

Evening. When your brother and husband share the same Christian name there are bound to be issues. Tonight I had one. When I decided to text BM a loving good luck message for tonights Jermyn Street performance in ‘Tea With The Old Queen’’ I accidentally sent it to my brother. He has just messaged me back saying he presumed it was for someone else. The thought was there, the brain power was not. Hopefully, Backstairs Billy did not mess up!

Honestly Fiona xx