My Daily Sigh.

Evening, Christmas has come early. Not only am I mid Nativity rehearsals, I have just purchased my first Christmas present and these battered old hands with short stumps have had some festive cheer applied to them this evening! Thank you to my dear friend Sue, you are a star.

Evening, we had a Nativity rehearsal this afternoon. The songs and words are finally being learnt and feelings of positivity were flowing which caused a post rehearsal ‘ways to improve our performance’ chat. I suggested that now lines were being learnt we could start to act and use expression. Four and Five year olds haven’t got a clue what that means, so we demonstrated! Our ability to say their lines in true dramatic style caused them to laugh hysterically. When I then excitedly announced that if they said their lines well we might give them props, like a DUSTER or MOP, my colleagues laughed hysterically! Apparently, my prop examples were nothing to get excited about!
Thankfully, my excitement rubbed off, a child announced to another adult, with great joy in her voice “if we are really good we might get given a real duster for our play!”
So on this Tuesday, if you have a duster or mop in your hands, get as excited as a 4 year old about using it!

Evening. Song words keep going round my head at night, so this morning I awoke at 5 am and couldn’t get back to sleep!
If it’s not an overheating body, it’s an overactive mind that’s the problem. Classic lines like “There’s not much to do when your a sheep. The shepherds they were snoring it was getting really boring..” keep flying round my head mid slumber and in mid November. Not helpful when at Christmas, there is too much to do when your a teacher, BM was really snoring which was indeed extremely boring.
An early night for me.

Evening, son decided he’d seen some great Black Friday clothing deals and wondered if we could purchase one of them for him for Christmas. BM is not quite with it. He is under the impression son wants to become Man Friday. He believes we are buying him a loin cloth!

Evening, I wrote my name down for an hour working on the school Fair photo booth stall and 10 hours later I have finally got home and into my bed!!
Thank you to my lovely lady friends for such a great night out. We have had a few drinkies, eaten a few calories, laughed a lot and made the best of a long working Saturday!! Good friends are the best and to be appreciated! Love you all. Xx

Evening, I’m not a big drinker but you know you are getting old when a day having fun requires a day of doing nothing to aid recovery and to feel normal! I’m not there yet.
Whilst I had fun, so did BM. He has spent the weekend reliving his punk youth with a former band member and recording music. They also needed OAP recovery time. Sunday has indeed been a day of rest.
Yesterday, I was a winner in the ‘excessive calorie’ stakes. A bottle of wine and Advocaat was won on the bottle tombola stall and a Takeaway voucher on the raffle -My winnings might need to wait until I have some further recovery time available! Thank goodness the roses from our guest to say ‘thank you’ can be enjoyed with no after affects or worry about an ever increasing waistline. I’m off to enjoy my roast dinner.

Honestly Fiona xx