My Daily Sigh.

Evening, today I wore odd socks. I haven’t suddenly become some fat ankled footwear fashion icon, although I’m wondering if there is a market for models with unflattering ankles and humongous feet. If so, I could indeed be the woman they want. My ability to wash and match socks hasn’t gone out the window, although matching four peoples numerous pairs of socks is not my favourite task and the odd sock basket is overflowing!
No, today I wore odd socks to show it is okay to be different. I am indeed different. Who removes their boots and talks to children in odd socks? Is it any wonder a child held their nose as I talked, be proud to be different. Anti Bullying Day.

Evening. Today I was a rebel, I wore the matching socks of yesterday today, I’m not sure it was officially allowed, but one can’t have two odd socks left in a drawer. Thankfully no one knew as my boots stayed on my feet!!
Copacabana rehearsals start tonight. I’m worried I’m not quite what they are looking for. . .

‘ Her name was Fiona, she was a showgirl with grey covered dye upon her hair and her XL dress cut down to there . She couldn’t meringue or do the Cha Cha but whilst she tried to be a star, BM always stood at the bar…’ Not hopeful. Happy Tuesday x

Evening. Today I learnt to never underestimate the importance of a teacher to a small child.
A child came to me and said “you are more important than a soldier Mrs ***** “ “Why’s that?” I asked. “ Because you tell me everything!”
Sadly, I couldn’t tell a child the answer to the question “ Is Quorn roast delicious or will it make me fart all day?”
I am, however, feeling very important and blessed. Happy Wednesday.

Morning, I’ve reached Saturday, but needed nearly 12 hours sleep to get here! You know you are knocking on a bit when you are in bed at 8pm on a Friday, watching the rubbish that is ‘Housewives of Cheshire’ and wishing you had a small portion of the £8000 treat spending money one woman had!
Instead,  my week has been one of varying dramas. Percy the Park Keeper dropped by for his party, ( I was super animated!) the Nativity is being organised, ( I was super expressive!) the Grinch is apparently causing a few problems in the school playground ( I was super confused!) and I got to watch my son in his second show in two weeks. ( I was super proud and cried!} No wonder I needed 12 hours sleep to be capable of anything normal this weekend.

There will be more tears later, I’m watching again. Happy Saturday x