My Daily Sigh.

Morning, wishing I had the same control over cats as I do of small children. Trying to learn words for the Cabaret and Pepsi does not understand the simple word “sit” or the words “leave me alone!”.
Apparently, small children with good language need to learn 8 NEW words every day.
I’ve decided that maybe the men in my house have missed out on this knowledge, as some vocabulary they don’t seem to understand. I must put this right.
Today’s unknown words- Harpic, Dettol, Val Steam Detergent, Mr Sheen, Marigolds, Domestos, Toilet Wipes and toilet brush.
Let’s hope when learnt, they will be used.

Evening, today is National Love Your Red Hair Day!
My hair colour these days might be out of a bottle but my natural hair colour is a reddish auburn, thanks to my Irish heritage.

The day is apparently a chance to empower red headed people to feel confident and embrace their hair colour.
I’m fairly confident as a red headed adult, but I put on a proper red wig and oh Lordy, look what happens? I become someone quite bizarre who embraces the colour red in rather a unique way! Embrace that hair colour fellow redheads!

Morning, a busy week for me being an am dram lovey! I’ve watched my son perform in his final year show and been a proud mum and then I’ve performed myself.
Below is some of the fantastic feedback from last nights show, sadly it is not about me.
My body doesn’t do the ‘great choreography’, I struggle to do harmonies, let alone ‘beautiful’ ones and my singing is really not that great as I have to remember words! I can however pull some strange faces and portray a rough old bird who’s been about a bit ok, so as everyone else is very talented I get by!
Good luck to both my son and to TOPS for their final two shows today. Happy Saturday.( Photo-Kim Williams Photography)

Evening, so our fundraising Cabaret came to an end last night and the old lady in red has been put to bed! After last nights performance, bed is probably best. The lights of Show business might have been bright on many of the talented lovelies I sang alongside, but my personal performance was not! Thank goodness for my lipstick. The spotlight played havoc with my weary body’s balance and vision. My eye sight blurred, body got shaky and the right words of the songs disappeared in a haze. It was a shaky performance in more ways than one!
Today I’ve tried to take it easy but chauffeuring services have been required. BM missed his train to meet an old school friend, I offered to drive him. I’ve now heard he is in an old pub haunt from his youth and is in heaven. Nice to know I helped him get to heaven…

Here is a blog post I wrote a few years back for Remembrance Sunday. #WeWillRememberThem

We Will Remember Them

Honestly Fiona xxx