My Daily Sigh.

Evening, you can always count on small children to give you a reality check.
Queuing up for lunch and one child looked at my badge and said “is this you in the olden days Mrs * ( ‘olden days’- isn’t that a time when you had a horse and cart?)
He continued… “when you were young!” (that’s it, hit me with it hard, I’m now OLD!)
He continued again… “you were smiling back then!” ( Yep, sadly not much to smile about anymore, particularly after being faced with the truth about my face and age!) So that’s it, I’m off to bed by candlelight to sob into my pillow. I shall be wearing my flannelette nightie, have my hair in rollers and a bedpan beside the bed. I’m that old.

Evening, always good when there is an Open Afternoon at school to wear classy looking shoes that show you’re a true professional.
I was fully prepared in my smart navy, suede boots, until I gave the children flour to play with. . .

Evening, anyone else ever been to Tesco’s at 7.30am, pulled out their purse to find a pair of old smelly socks occupying their handbag? This was me this morning. I do try to appear quite normal, but every now and then it eludes me.
I’m keeping my fingers and legs crossed that tomorrow I’m more successful in the ‘normality ’ stakes.

Today, I did cross both my fingers and legs for a colleague who needed some luck. She was suitably grateful until I pointed out it helped me as well…I’d just had a rather large mug of tea, it’s an age thing!

Evening. My eczema has flared up, my back is bad and I feel a mess.
BM bought a new tumble dryer this week which has lots of new features. It has several sensor levels including anti allergy, anti tangling and anti ageing.
I’m contemplating tumbling myself. Happy Friday.

Evening. My back has restricted today’s mobility. I have caught up on episode 4 & 5 of the Bodyguard, ( if you’ve missed it watch it all on catch up, well worth it!) BM & I took to the cinema to watch Johnny English & we went to the pub for a meal. My emotions have been taken on a rollercoaster of emotions and have ended up with me feeling very full!
I didn’t have my glasses and the light was dim in the pub, but BM was exasperated when I firstly, threw a glass of wine across the bar having not touched a drop, and secondly, when I asked for a toffee and nut triot for dessert. (who puts a cross that looks like a ‘t’ at the end of a word?!) I on the other hand was exasperated when he offered to help me put the clean sheets on the bed, I now know why I normally do it myself! Happy Saturday xx

Afternoon, welcome to the happy house of the infirm! A busy week resulted in me reaching Friday still hobbling and sucking Jakeman’s throat tablets. BM has a swollen jaw and is unable to eat, one son has bandaged knees and is on crutches and the other has a cut head and is wondering if he’s got concussion!
However, it’s Saturday, the start of half term and the sun is shining… the house of the infirm is trying to be positive. I’ve deleted 2000 emails from sitting in my bed! Happy Saturday all.

Morning. Last night we had cats who overstepped the mark in fine dining dinner table etiquette. They obviously thought our food looked tastier than theirs and wanted to join us at, or even ON the table!
Son number one who is currently selling high class NATURAL dog food suggested it was because their food was not particularly nice. He posed the interesting question
“Have you ever looked at the ingredients in the cat food you provide and seen how much bad sugar and rubbish is in it?” No, I admit I’m a bad cat mother and haven’t. I do however look at the sometimes terrible ingredients on our dinner table and despair when I see pizzas, burgers and an abundance of chocolate that, surprise surprise son number one requests, it’s all he likes! No more.

Lets hope son number one loves his new free from sugar and preservative diet and will not be requesting his usual 3 Auntie Bessie’s Yorkshire puddings with his roast dinner later on.

Honestly Fiona xx