My Daily Sigh.

Afternoon, when BM says he’s purchased a new steamer and son number one looks excited you know both brains are at cross purposes.
Son might be concerned about the sugars and preservatives in an animal diet, but steamed vegetables is not yet high on his desirable list. A voice steamer however, was!
Yesterday ‘crocs on tour’ ( me and my friend, both struggling with mobility ailments!) went searching for pumpkins… there’s a vlog up of the experience, which was not our most successful.
This old croc has booked a physio appointment for tomorrow and a neck, shoulder and back massage for Friday. Happy Tuesday.

Morning, I risked the guard strike train delays and took a whistle stop visit to my parents on the South Coast.
They are thinking of replacing their dated fireplace with one not dissimilar to ours, so I showed mum a photo. “That fireplace ledge is very high, didn’t they do anything lower?” she observed. The ledge is no different to any other fireplace but on closer inspection, she didn’t have her glasses on and thought the taupe rug edge was the fireplace ledge. . . You get to a certain age when you need to see things in the flesh to not be disappointed and have clear vision!
The physio will hopefully see me in the flesh today after a huge mix up yesterday which included me waiting for 20 mins in the wrong place. They failed to inform me they’d moved. 🙄 I hope I’m not disappointed.

Morning, always good to adjust your mindset by taking time for yourself.
In the past three days I’ve spent time with my parents, had a haircut, physio, a foot and back massage, watched a musical show and have just started Saturday by having breakfast with friends. 10am might be apparently early for breakfast, but taking much needed time for yourself is amazingly good for you. Make sure you give yourself that time. Happy Saturday.

Evening. Today was very chilly, the winter coat, woolly scarf and caterpillar hat came out in full force on the playground. I did look a sight but this rickety old body was grateful for the layers. It was not quite so sure about being described as “mastic” by a colleague. Did this mean I was sticky in character? No, they were trying to say I was ‘charismatic’!! Phew. My physical appearance may be falling apart, but my character occasionally shines through, what a relief!
And what a turnaround from the painfully shy child who was often judged for being ‘uncool’ and probably devoid of character!
Remember all caterpillars change into a butterflies so never judge…maybe I need a new woolly hat depicting a butterfly. Happy Monday.

Evening. The snotty noses of small children have used all the tissues in my classroom, so I went looking for some more.
A delivery had just come in with a box apparently full of tissues. Hurrah. It was opened and two boxes given to me. I was surprised when each box was half the size. I was not impressed when the tissue was paper thin and minuscule. I was gobsmacked when I saw it said ‘toilet tissue’ on the side.
Maybe this is what happens when the government says schools are getting money for ‘LITTLE’ extras!

Evening, Happy Halloween.
Today this scary looking face turned 26! He looks as shocked as I am to be the mother of someone so old!
Tonight we went to Pizza Express for a family birthday celebratory meal. When you take after your father rather than your mother and occasionally live on the edge, there is a lot to celebrate reaching such an age pretty unscathed!
BM had suggested calling him Lucifer Damien at birth, I refused to let him.
However, having a birthday on such a day was always going to add excitement to any celebrations.

Tonight, our pizzas were served by a Halloween monk and masked witch, but my trick or treat sweeties are still in the cupboard. Presumably, the scary people I live with will eat them at a later date!

Evening. It’s been a long, tiring day which ended with me supervising the School Disco. I arrived home to strange looks and then giggles.
After an evening of glow sticks, sweeties and Thriller on the dance floor, I forgot my face was not entirely normal in appearance.
I’m not great with spiders in the bath, but tonight I’m looking forward to this one finding itself in the water!
Son number 2 has had train delays to contend with this evening. He finally found himself at Woking and rushed to catch his next connection. He forgot the vital move of checking where it was going! He ended up back at Guildford, the stop where he first started. He’s not yet home and is as unhappy as my face painted skin.

Evening. Yesterday my face scared me, today my nails. Who would have believed a lady who has spent most of her life with chewed stumps, would finally get nails to be proud of?
This evening, thanks to my dear friend, my nails are red and all jazzed up in anticipation of the concert I will be taking part in next weekend. My body might be unable to dance, but my voice will hopefully be able to warble.
I have the joy of singing about men, a topic I know a lot about and uttering a few rude words, something I know nothing about.
If local feel free to join us and if not spot Hinge and Brackett avoiding moves in the promotional video below!

Honestly Fiona xx