My daily Sigh.

Evening. It’s always good to check spelling when you are a teacher, missing one letter from a word can be crucial.
Our support staff read the planning but there was an ‘o’ missing from the word ‘counting’. They weren’t entirely sure of their task. . .

Evening, Friday was reached and I left work in a hurry. Not only was I spotted pressing the automatic door opening button when the door was already wide open, but I arrived home to find I’d left my phone at school. It never pays to rush.
A quick return journey to work, a packed case, a slight car detour, but now I’m finally relaxing in our Centre Parc Lodge.
Our Friday night disaster was opening a bottle of Prosecco that erupted over the floor leaving only a third of the alcohol left for us to drink.

Evening, a much needed relaxing day at the Centre Parc Spa and then my body reminded me it is old. My bad back spasmed as I bent over to pick up my handbag and I couldn’t move.

This evening I have been left with life’s essentials close at hand and Strictly on the TV, whilst my friends have gone out for a meal.
Getting old and having a problematic body is sometimes a bummer. Hoping painkillers and a good nights sleep will sort it.

Evening, I’m feeling as forlorn as this hooded eyed frog. With spotty skin and a body that’s struggling to move, I’m certainly in need of a major overhaul.
Today, I am just grateful my body didn’t join in with the rather noisy after lunch flatulence club my class seemed to think they were attending. Sadly, there was not a “pardon me” to be heard. I was left to suggest that these words might be a good idea.
Here’s hoping tomorrow’s dinner causes less wind and tomorrow’s body is more mobile and less itchy.

Evening, pizza was off the menu and the class wind levels dropped. It was a staff members special birthday today so cake calories rose substantially.

In fact, I’ve decided my class are like a box of Roses, some sweet, some nutty, some soft and some hard. Occasionally one will send me into a whirl, but others are a dream and delight. As they say, Roses grow on you and my class are growing on me.

Afternoon. Here is my version of ‘Fine Art’.
It’s always good to run a Fine Art club with 5 and 6 year olds as it doesn’t have to be that fine! It’s all in the interpretation of the word. Me and 5 children sit, chat, draw and occasionally listen to music.

After a long three days where my health and wellbeing were struggling, Rainbow Fish oil pastel sketching was very therapeutic and that is more than fine by me!

Thank you Rainbow Fish, you brightened up both my week and my paper.

Evening, today was long and rather exhausting. You know you are on the edge when you say the words “shh” out loud at a time when the children are in fact completely silent!
Sometimes life with small children brings its own entertainment, madness and a few silent raised eyebrows.

Yesterday, during ‘Show and Tell’ a colleague innocently asked a child if bunny was good in bed.  Today the planning asked the children to feel the ‘cocnut’ in the feely bag. I’m not sure whether our eyes, spell check or the o on the computer keyboard was at fault, but apparently it was hard, as is trying not to laugh when these things are said!

Happy Thursday.

Afternoon, my Tesco shop was as successful as my day at work.

I ordered Yorkshire puddings so we have them coming out of our ears but failed to buy a joint to accompany them. Sunday dinner will be interesting.
I finish my Friday with the knowledge I must be a ‘cool’ friendly sort of teacher who is gender neutral. One of my class poked his head round the classroom door and shouted “Hey guys, I need a drink!”
After the day I’ve had, so do I, but it won’t be clear and from a school plastic water bottle. Happy Friday Guys!

Evening, Yesterday with a bad back I asked for some domestic help from the men in my life. Domesticity is not something that seems to come easy to them and boy, did I hear about it afterwards!
The toilet seat is no longer broken, my steam mop is finally usable and the jacket potato BM cooked was apparently not just thrown in the oven, but lovingly rubbed with oil by his fair hands! A tough job indeed.
Today, he sent son shopping. I came downstairs as 2 bottles of red wine were unpacked, apparently required for the beef gravy!
Is it any wonder I needed a glass of wine myself. . . at the pub.
Happy Sunday.

Honestly Fiona xx