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My Daily Sigh- The Joys of Teaching & Special Occasions

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My Daily Sigh.

Afternoon, another lovely September day where my flowers need watering and it’s warm enough to not need a coat.
I asked a child to remove the coat, dangling like a Superhero cape off the top of their head, and to carry it. “ I can’t “ was the reply, “I’ve got too much to carry, I’ll just have to drag it across the floor!” Parents will be pleased.
First full day with small children completed. They are tired and I’m exhausted. It won’t be long before I drag myself off the sofa, across the floor and off to bed. Happy Monday.

Evening. Today the joys of teaching have spread happiness and stress through my day.
Rhyming requires the ultimate in teacher patience and repetition. The Silly Soup items were put in the middle of the class circle and we went through them. “Bat, cat, hat, rat”… then a long PAUSE. ‘Mat’ was tricky, the unrhyming word ‘carpet’ was suggested, but ‘SAT’ was an impossibility. First, they said “sofa” next came “couch “ and finally, “nocturnal”, a word we had talked about last week and which did not describe the girl sitting on a chair at all!
I needed some light relief so decided to talk to a child about their family photos “Tell me who this is?” “It’s my sister and she’s dirty.” “Has she been playing in the mud kitchen?” I jokingly replied “ No, she leaves CRAP all over her room!  Oh yes, I live in a household of dirty people.

Morning. This week my baby boy turned 23, my big boy turned over a new leaf and got up early, BM turned into a stress ball and I turned into a local news reporter.

It was a major local event that I had to report. A greedy fox ate a Gingerbread Man in the school grounds. Children told me they had woken up in the night and seen the fox and Gingerbread man walk past their house, others that they had seen the fox handcuffed in a police car. When it’s such big news and I’m the only one reporting it, it’s a major coup! I can see a new career bursting onto the horizon for me.
Last night, attending a fundraising Cabaret I met an Honestly Fiona fan, possibly my only one. I believe she might be in the Nativity at Christmas, her name was Mary. Happy Saturday.

Evening, yesterday we had a family celebration for my mum. She has dedicated much of her life to helping others and is a totally selfless woman of whom I am very proud. Yesterday, she was given an award for her work for charity and the church. As the long list of what she has done was read out, it was hard to not reflect on ones own life and feel slightly inadequate. She is 82 and still does so much for others. When she humbly thanked everyone and said she didn’t deserve it, her words touched many, including my young sons. Their world is very different to hers. She claimed to have done nothing much, apart from work alongside others, they were all a team.
The modern world needs more people like my mum.

Honestly Fiona xx