My Daily Sigh.

Evening. If I talk I’m misunderstood, if I use technology, I get it wrong.
Who would put me, Mrs Techno Rubbish, in charge of contacting new members for the Musical Society on Social Media?

Tonight, I thought I was replying to a friends message, only to find I’d messaged some man I’ve never met. before.
Yesterday, I asked son if he was au fait with any graphic picture programmes. He looked at me quizzically and said “Are you talking about PORN? Er no, I was referring to book illustrations.

It’s such hard work being me, is it any wonder I occasionally need a day doing nothing! Sadly, it didn’t help.

Afternoon. Today we had a little bit of nonsense. We had to snap like the enormous crocodile and flap like the Roly Poly Bird. Most of the children relished the Roald Dahl dance workshop, but perhaps not the effort of putting on a pair of socks. This made the children flap and the teachers snap. Why is something so small such a struggle?
Home visits to new children have happened every afternoon. Offers of tea, cakes, water and even steak have come our way. We’ve had guided tours of houses by small children who have great potential as estate agents. Its not a job I’d be any good at. I entered a front door at the side of a house and tried to leave through a door at the front. I walked into the downstairs toilet. A little nonsense that my colleague relished watching. . .

Evening, a morning of planning and using technology, BM understands it, I often don’t. An afternoon of tidying up and mopping the floors, I understand it, BM often doesn’t.
Some would say a perfect match, others a combination that could easily ignite.

It’s lucky I’m so placid and prone to nonsense and laughing. This memory is a perfect example of our relationship!

Evening. Am I the only middle aged woman who sits in bed with summer PJ’s on, the fan on high, but then cover myself with a furry rug because I’m freezing cold?

I’ve never been the most decisive woman on the planet, but trying to decide if I’m hot or cold at the moment is almost impossible.

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Evening, a lovely day celebrating a special little adopted girl’s baptism.

Eyes have been somewhat problematic. BM managed to miss seeing a section of his beard when shaving and also managed to break the arm off his glasses. The church reader’s contact lenses moved so she couldn’t read, and by the end of the day the bar bill was sufficiently high for a number of our party to have double vision! I believe that means that a good day was had by all. A perfect Sunday.

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Honestly Fiona xxx