My Daily Sigh

Afternoon, I’m tired, hot, thirsty and there were no children in school. What am I going to be like tomorrow?
Yesterday, youngest son planted some Allium bulbs. His interest in tidiness is not up there with his interest in gardening, he left the packaging on the kitchen floor.
I picked up the packaging and found a half broken bulb. I left it on the side and told him to plant it alongside the others.
Later, I came into the kitchen. I spotted the bulb on the side and him sitting in the garden. I took it out to him and said “You need to plant this bulb with the others.” He looked at me and said, “ I already have, that’s the GARLIC to go in the dinner.”

Afternoon, what a difference a year makes. For two days now my Fitbit daily steps have increased, yet my afternoons have involved little exercise. That’s the joy of very small children who’s capacity to eat lunch at speed is currently non existent! I have spent 45 mins of school lunchtime escorting a continuous flow of children from the dinner hall to the playground. One took so long it was time to go home just as she finished.

Thankfully, none took the hour and a half plus that my son took as a small child to finish chewing a chicken nugget!

Evening, I’m beginning to lose a bit of my holiday sparkle.

My glittery essential wear flip flops have lost half of their diamonds and I look and feel totally exhausted after a week of trying to get things done at work.
Today, I found that young children don’t do tired teacher thinking pauses. I am increasingly needing them.
I was doing a task all morning with individual children in class. I finished with one child and said “Please can you find me.. “ and quickly looked down at my list to see who I needed next. The child looked bemused and immediately responded with “But you are here!”

Evening, I survived week one of the new academic year. My classroom is tidy and progress has been made with the small children in my care. They are beginning to understand the need to make good choices.
I returned home to a lack of progress, a huge mess, and with the word ‘good’ missing from the choices made. How can I succeed with organising 4 year olds and fail with grown men?
BM has gone to be the Old Queen in Liverpool. Unfortunately, he has an inability to pack with plenty of time and has, as usual, left a trail of mayhem and underwear strewn all over the bed. Some might like sleeping next to a pile of socks and pants, but I have a strong sense of smell and far better taste than the cat.

Afternoon. Role reversal has amazingly happened. Who would have believed that my son would get up before 9am on the weekend and start to Spring Clean his room? Meanwhile I’m doing NOTHING. I’m having to take it easy as continuous interrupted sleep is taking its toll. I’d hoped a few glasses of Prosecco at the Cask and Cork, might aid with a good nights sleep. It didn’t.
If only I was able to sleep in comfort on a bed of paper for hours like our OAP cat?

She does not appear to have had moggie menopausal moments, so currently wishing I had a cats life.

Honestly Fiona xxiw