My Daily Sigh.

Morning, today we are off on our holibobs!
Yesterday BM decided to shave off his beard. He thought it would see what a Hitler style moustache looked like. He achieved it but then the shaver died. . . I was contemplating letting him holiday alone until he got rid of it with a wet shave.
Now sitting in Wetherspoons having breakfast, he might have put frothy milk in my tea and my shampoo might have leaked, but Minorca I’m ready for you!

Afternoon, yesterday evening we arrived in Minorca to tropical storms, thunder, lightning and rain like I’ve never seen.

My first task was like I’d never left home, a domestic one, mopping the floor where the door blew open. My first night, like I’d never left home, me needing a blanket.

Today, it’s brighter, hotter and I’m needing my sun cream, hat, sun glasses and plenty of deodorant. Again, it’s like I’d never left home…but then there’s the view. I’m off to enjoy it.

Afternoon. This was last nights lovely restaurant view.
BM has swum 21 lengths of the pool each morning and it hasn’t killed him. He’s done it so he can drink large quantities of holiday alcohol before post holiday weight loss, let’s hope it doesn’t kill him. Today, he tried to give me an early morning cup of tea that instead of pouring hot water on he unthinkingly poured hot coffee on, I nearly killed him.
We hope to be back in a week. . .

Morning, Yesterday we climbed up Torres De Fornells. The coastline was spectacular, the colours stunning, the sea choppy, the wind breezy and my back, very, very moist.
Sticky pads and a sweaty body sadly, do not go together like rama lama lama ka dinga da dinga dong.
The heat pad to help my dodgy back kept sliding into my pants!
My pants looked like I’d had an accident, I felt like I’d had an accident and stuffing my hands down my shorts to try and re situ heat pad to sweaty body was not a pretty sight. I was certainly not the one that you want. . .

Morning. I am not exactly popular. I awoke, half asleep, at 2am to a loud continuous hum. Thinking it was an alarm I did something bad and woke up BM. He opened doors and windows to ascertain the cause.
As my senses woke up, I realised the hum was my iPad. Sleep music had switched to sleep tones…an alarm sounding tone, which failed its job and woke me up.
Waking BM up was in my eyes payback for leading me, Miss Law Abiding, astray.
The red flag flying on the beach did not mean swim between the markers as he insisted, but ‘don’t swim at all’, as I suggested. We, along with several others, had to be told to get out of the water by a gun carrying lifeguard. . . Wonderful. I should trust my instincts.

Morning. Yesterday we were joined by extra guests. BM, who is a tad geeky, was tracking their flight path into Minorca. He pointed to their plane high in the sky as it flew overhead. I struggled to see it, but then alleluia, I spotted it. I stood watching it fly past, until BM noticed my eyes were not in the same direction as his. I was watching a large bird.
In the evening we went to a restaurant. On leaving I shouted out my thanks to the bar staff. BM incredulously asked why I was thanking some of the paying guests.  I laughed with embarrassment and led the way out of the restaurant to find ourselves trying to exit via the ladies loos. We had to about turn.
An opticians appointment is on my to do list when I get home.

Afternoon. We have reached the last day of our holiday.
My waistline and liver might be looking forward to a break and whilst I feel suitably relaxed, the sun is exhausting. I need to get home, reenergise and lose several stone, I have one week.
On a positive note I’ve read a book, it might not be a classic, more in the league of Biff and Chip. I’ve swum a few lengths in a particularly inelegant fashion and I’ve attempted pool ballet and failed. BM tried Olympic swimming , it wasn’t a resounding 10. . .

Afternoon. We have reached the last day of our holiday. My waistline and liver might be looking forward to a break and…

Posted by Honestly Fiona on Thursday, 23 August 2018

Morning. Our last day in sunny Minorca involved a leisurely stroll around the town of Ciutadella, watching the turtles, a gentle swim in the sea, chatting, drinking and reading by the pool. Relaxing, at its peak.
We flew back yesterday to pouring rain, running for the train in flip flops, wrong platforms, mixed up trains and shivering in a train shelter. Relaxing, completely undone.
I increased my returning baggage substantially with bottles of gin, and bags of crisps, we thought we were capable of drinking and eating, but weren’t. The gin survived the journey and is ready for the next Minorca crew party, the crisps will be sprinkled in the garden for the birds…
On the journey home in the evening we got a text “What are we having for dinner?”. . .back to reality.

Honestly Fiona xxx