My Daily Sigh.

Evening, in the OAP country bumpkin stakes tonight has been rather eventful. You don’t expect to be disturbed from the sofa by loud crackling sounds, followed by sirens, and find the fields backing on to your street ablaze.
The fire service did a noble job and our designated street fire officer ( son number 2) did his best with the tools available. Sadly, a badly aimed dribble was never going to do the job effectively. Thankfully, he was still considered a hero for offering to help out his street community! BM, on the other hand decided his role was to support the local media and sent his drone up into the sky!
Event number two was on the way to the station to pick up our son. A young deer ran in front of my car which tested my jangled nerves further.
Event number three was on waiting at the station. After trains came and went and there was no sign of son,  I phoned my husband. He had failed to tell me I needed to be at a different station!
I’m off to lie down for a long time,my nerves are shot and my husband is lucky he’s not.

Evening, can someone please explain how an intelligent man who can use a drone can fail to put empty toilet rolls in the bin? One seems so complicated, the other so easy. Perhaps,  it is because he hasn’t got a manual to help him, or is it because his mind is so preoccupied with reading the drone manual in the loo he can’t do two things at once?
Anyway, he’s used his drone so well that tonight BM is basking in the glory of seeing his name and fire footage on South Today!
I meanwhile, will be preparing a manual on where to put an empty toilet roll. Surprise, surprise it is not for rolling on the floor.

Evening, I’m hoping for a better nights sleep tonight , after a lovely lunch in Windsor with work mates and my new natural sleep aid.
It doesn’t involve exercising till you drop, drinking till you fall over, consuming a large intake of herbal tablets or my usual, watching Escape to the Country.
What is it, I hear you ask?
Last night my slumber was disturbed by a snoring BM. It got so loud I took myself to the spare room. With my mind already on the go, I listened for the first time to music. I found 50 tracks of ‘Sleep Music to help you relax all night’ on Spotify. Who knew it existed? It worked a treat!
Nicki Chapman you’d better be worried, viewings of Escape to the Country might be going down!

Evening. My summer waistline weakness is ice cream. When shopping in our local Sainsbury’s, I spotted ‘Breyers Delight Cookies and Cream low calorie ice cream’. I was hoping that this would be the answer to my weakness and be a dieters ice cream heaven. Wrong. I have never had an ice cream where I did an arm work out just to get a tiny mouthful. Out of the container. BM managed to rip the weak cardboard packaging in the process, finally giving up and leaving it in the fridge to soften. The taste was disappointing and the cookie bits not dissimilar to the packaging in texture.
Sadly, it is not the answer to my ‘Breyers’… I am still craving the real deal.

Evening, tonight, for the first time in a while, I am sharing our SuperKing Sized bed with a super small sized cat, who is very happy about it.

Meanwhile, my super king sized husband is sleeping in a super small sized single bed in Geneva and is not quite so happy about it, he’d booked a double!

Sweet dreams.

Evening, my nails might have taken a battering, but thanks to my friend Sue they are now holiday ready.
My ability to follow instructions showed I was in desperate need of a holiday NOW.
She laid a piece of kitchen towel on top of her hand towel and as I put my one hand underneath it, she instructed me to “put it on top”. I proceeded to put one hand on TOP of the other hand, but still underneath the kitchen towel! How I expected her to put nail polish on I don’t know!
Frankly, I’m losing the plot and if you are lucky to be called Frank just hope I know who you are. . .

Evening, yesterday the nails, today the hair. It’s chopped, coloured and straightened and unless I get a bad bed head, it is hopefully all holiday ready.
BM returned from Geneva and asked if I’d taken his damp clothes out of the drier. I explained I didn’t know there were any clothes in the drier. Apparently, he left the door open and thought I’d spot them!
I didn’t realise my role of wife was to include telepathy. I failed, but succeeded in my Starring role of Widow Twankey washer woman extraordinaire, and re washed the now damp, smelly clothes. It was my 4th wash of the day!

Honestly Fiona xxx