My Daily Sigh.

Morning, someone helped a menopausal woman struggle with maintaining a cool temperature last night.
Slight flaw with our new door bell. Son returned home last night and had forgotten his key. He rang the doorbell and it was answered. But guess by who? BM in Minorca, who’d been disturbed from his slumber!
Apparently, it’s hot in Russia and guess who has no sun cream?
Have a good Monday.

Morning, weather is hotting up as is the World Cup after England’s win. Son number one is ecstatic and has been spotted on TV watching the game in Russia and celebrating afterwards.

Yesterday, a 5 year old child was found crying in the playground. When asked ‘What’s wrong?’ her reply was ‘because my dad is 38 and he found two grey hairs, he’s getting old!’

I’m ecstatic, imagine having a head of grey hair and being nearly 20 years older than that. If she was crying, I feel like sobbing. . . until I read this quote, suddenly there’s hope!

Morning, I fashioned a 1960’s look as I was driven to rehearsal in an open topped car down the M3. Just call me Jackie. My feet found it a bit of a shock as I opened the door, swung them out and found I was almost sitting on the ground, my core had a bigger shock trying to get me up and out of the car! But it was a lovely night for an open topped drive.
Not such a lovely night to be woken once, by a cat with a mouse in its mouth in the bedroom, to have my screams of help ignored and to then have a second cat think the dawn chorus was an acceptable time to get up and decide to be my alarm clock. . .

Evening, the summer term is when the new little children make their first visit to school. This lunchtime we had a few extras squeeze through the school gate. They were so well behaved and walked in a straight line without even being told! I was most impressed at mums patience as they rushed around the grounds.
It’s Wellbeing week in school and an opportunity for us to teach life skills. I chose to teach Country Dancing, that important life skill everyone needs to know!
Trying to teach children to skip, gallop, swing their partner and pat a cake, was a challenge. When I watched a couple gallop not to the end of their group, but to the end of the hall whIlst I screamed “stop!” I realised the life skill being taught was one for me, rather than them…patience! Oh to be a mother duck. . .

Evening, BM is back in the country! He was welcomed home by me waking him up at 4am because I had a tingling mouth and strange sensation in my cheek. He decided to check out if I was having a stroke by reading out the NHS check list. Most comforting.
Is the person confused?-tick.
Does the person make little sense?- tick.

He decided the first 4 were actually me on a daily basis. Worry not, I managed to smile and lift my arm, so all was well.
We then spent a fun weekend at the local Gig on the Green, listening to music, dancing, singing, laughing and with the help of Prosecco and Pimms, I grinned even more and lifted my arm with style! Abba eat your heart out, I’m a Dancing Queen indeed.

Evening, loving the heatwave, particularly now we’ve reached the weekend!
Night time is causing me a few issues. Cats might have learnt to shut up in the heat, but the dawn chorus haven’t. Open windows provide air, but also a 4.30am racket that is sadly,keeping me awake. Now, exhausted.
If early mornings weren’t enough trouble, last night I was woken by agonising cramps that have pulled my calf muscle. I’ve limped through Friday and am hoping ‘Aloe Heat’ will help, I’ve a busy weekend ahead.
Hope you are all loving the heatwave, Fabs are in the freezer!

Evening, my weekend was full of surprises with an out of the blue catch up with old football friends, a lovely college reunion and an amazing wedding at Great Ote Hall.
The World Cup is similarly full of surprises. Who’d have thought England would get this far, that they would be capable of winning a penalty shoot out and that my son would make it on TV.
Sadly, I’m not surprised that four alarm clocks failed to wake him or his friends after late celebrations in Russia last night, or that he rang home early this morning pleading for financial support. Yes, only he, would miss his flight home!
Always a parent to the rescue, whatever the age.

Honestly Fiona xx