My Daily Sigh.

Evening, don’t look!
I returned home after a week away to find substantial killing had taken place but sadly, not a lot of clearing of dead bodies!  My kitchen window sills look like fly graveyards, and I’m not talking sweet currant slices here.
I didn’t know how you could tell which flies are male and which female. BM said he’d killed 3 male and 2 female. I asked how he knew and he said “ the men were in the beer can, the women on the phone.”
That sums us up. I’ve disinfected my phone and BM has switched to gin.

Morning. Yesterday, the sun might have struggled to shine but my face after an amazing Spa facial and skin workshop tried hard to glow!
My body might have struggled with the wind and the ill fitting robe that didn’t quite cover my slightly oversized body, but after hours of chatting, eating, drinking and doing very little my body felt suitably relaxed!
There’s nothing like a Spa Day with friends to start the week brightly, sadly today, it’s back to mundane tasks and housework.

Evening, either men don’t use their eyes, have no common sense or maybe my husband’s eyesight is deteriorating rapidly and I should be properly concerned.
On Monday BM saw this photo of me at the Spa. He thought my hair had gone wild and I’d gone for a 70’s punk hairstyle. It’s what you do, when out, in a jacuzzi, when you are in your mid fifties.
Last night he told me I had food on my mouth. I wiped it away and he said “it’s still there.” He looked closer and then realised it was not food but my actual lipstick in the light!
And now, he has accused me of taking his car keys only for him to find them in his own pocket! I’m sure he thought to check the most obvious place first, or did he?

Afternoon. Yesterday, on a very hot day, my friend and I visited the Mayfield Lavender Fields.
I dressed in what I thought was appropriate clothing, but had a photo with some folks who were extremely overdressed. Who do they think they are?
I applied some light make up in the morning, anticipating a photo or two. But felt quite plain sat next to a young girl who spent 15 mins applying a full face of make up. Is this what you do in the middle of Lavender Fields in 30 degree heat? She obviously thought someone important was going to be there to have a photo with. Wish I’d seen them, I might have bothered.

Evening, yesterday we celebrated 28 years of marriage.
Yes, I took BM for better, for worse, for richer for poorer all those years ago and with the aid of patience and an occasional glass of wine, I’m still here.
We hosted our musical society bbq on our anniversary. I am now considerably poorer after purchasing substantial alcohol and BM was extremely worse for wear after drinking it. Falling asleep on the outside swinging hammock helped to make him feel much better. I, however, am still waiting the joy of becoming richer. I think it might require more than a little patience.

Evening, the school holidays are always good for a mahoosive clear out. Two bags of CD’s gone to charity, a box of DVDS all ready to join them and now I’ve moved on to photos. I found this one of a young BM and am contemplating why I didn’t give him to charity 28 years ago! There were clear warnings in this photo, that this was a man dedicated to the couch and not to domesticity and supporting his future wife! Luckily, he has a sense of humour which makes up for some domestic slacking. Where is he now? On the couch. Night.

Evening, oh to be 30 years younger and have a tiny waist, slim ankles and be able to lift my leg up on a wall and not fall over!
Photo sorting is not great for helping one deal with the ageing process positively, but I’ll give it a go. I’m glad my lipodema legs don’t lift very high, but at least I have the knowledge of knowing there’s plenty of cushioning for when I end up in a heap on the floor.

Honestly Fiona xxx