My Daily Sigh.

Evening, today I have been a wet lettuce in the managing your feelings department! I have been a tad emotional, a bit delicate and my eyes have continuously felt like I was peeling a bag of raw onions!
Yes, it was the last day of term.
Time to say goodbye to Year 6’s, many of whom I taught back in Reception when my hair was less grey, my dress size much smaller and my ankles far slimmer.
Time to bid farewell to my class and parents as they move on. I have had a lovely class with lots of characters who made me smile and I will miss them terribly. I have had appreciative and generous parents which always helps to make the job much easier. May the next teacher enjoy them as much.
Onwards and upwards, time to relax but before I do more tears as I mourn on stage… Evita here I come! The Pink Gin gift will have to wait…

Morning, you know you are tired when you see a giant artistic model in the distance and think it’s a real person.
You know you are truly exhausted when you pay for the car park at the end of a long evening, put your PIN number in, wonder why nothing happens until a friend in the queue steps forward to point out “ Fiona, you haven’t yet put your card in!” Yes, it was still in my hand.
This morning I’m awake far too early, so it’s a Love Island catch up, BM is not impressed… Happy Saturday!

Morning, I’ve often despaired of young children who couldn’t dress themselves properly, yesterday it was me!
I don’t wear tights but if I have to, a pair of over knickers are essential. I like to feel secure in the knowledge my tights won’t drop to my knees! Yesterday, both were removed mid Evita performance. When trying to put them back on as a ‘job lot’, they wouldn’t go past my knees. It took a while to realise why, both legs were trying to squeeze into one knicker hole. I might need to apply for a carer sooner than I thought!
Yesterday was my last two performances in Evita in Woking as a Supernumerary. My back hurts thanks to running in heels and going up and down several flights of stairs, my legs are bruised thanks to blooming tights and my hair is wild thanks to severe back combing, but it’s been a blast!

Morning, first official day of the holiday and my body is like my kitchen windowsill herb garden, dying.
My back keeps spasming, my tired brain is struggling to cope with a damaged ear and I’m suffering with a variety of balance issues.
Thankfully, unlike my herb garden, I have not been watered with a vinegar cleaning fluid, so hopefully with rest, relaxation, pain killers and substantial amounts of alcohol I will recover. My herb garden will not. BM who helpfully watered the herbs with the liquid has his work cut out to make amends. Tea in bed is a good start..

Morning, I’ve swapped BM for these two!
BM suggested yesterday morning that as I was struggling to sleep in the heat, I should sleep on the edge of the bed as I would soon drop off! I’ve left him for the week, he dropped me off at the station.
I thought my parents were quite well behaved until we took a trip to the beach to blow the cobwebs away.
Mum sat on a rock and missed, dad decided she needed a helping hand, but she wasn’t having any of it! The photo says it all…and more. Off to the New Forest Show today.

Morning, yesterday a lovely but very hot day at 33 degrees at the New Forest Show. The only thing we came home with was underwear! Sadly, the day did not end well with my mum’s knee, recently diagnosed with Bakers Cyst, locking, her in pain and unable to move.
I’m off to the show alone and she is off to the doctors, pants. . . I might buy more of them.

Afternoon, yesterday was so hot I took to the woods at the New Forest Show. I sat by the trunk of a tree like an overgrown exhausted forest fairy. Today, my body decided it couldn’t cope.
My mum has always been good at giving out advice. She shouts instructions at professional football players on TV and now she has sound advice for my dad who is bald.
He banged his head after bending into a floor cupboard to remove some wires. Her advice…’you should of worn a hat!’ 33 degrees, inside and doing domestic chores. . . Sound.

Evening, I’ve swapped the night time noise of house sparrows for sea gulls, I’ve swapped calorie laden teacher chocolates and cakes for pub chips and fattening desserts, I’ve swapped children watching, for people watching and finally, I’ve swapped sunshine for rain. Yes, I’m loving life.

Honestly Fiona xxx