My Daily Sigh.

Evening, when you are exhausted on a Monday there’s not much more to say. . .

Evening, I’ve never read this book or spoken to Kathy Lette for advice, but I’m certainly putting it on my birthday list.

Whilst tidying up the kitchen I asked Alexa to play musicals, my music of choice. I kept repeating my instructions, voice got louder, temper shorter as whatever I said Alexa played David Bowie songs! My frustration snapped as I screamed “ No Alexa you are so stupid, I don’t even like David Bowie!” ( apology to DB fans!) and then I heard loud laughing- Bandana Man! He was only listening to my instructions and using his phone to give Alexa different instructions.
His bandana may well find itself round his neck tonight. . .

Evening, I have spent my night catching up on housework, not so I can watch the Royal Wedding but so I’m prepared for a weekend of rehearsals performing the role of office lush!
Next week is Show Week. Me and my TOPS pals will enter the 9 to 5 stagey bubble of singing, dancing, false eyelashes, wigs, costumes, accents, port, and very often mishaps and dramas! I just hope I’m not causing them.
As ever, I take the role of glamour to a new level.

Last year I applied wrinkles, grey skin, a mop cap and shawl, this year it’s dodgy make up, glasses, whiskey and a shower cap! As I march on towards oap status, I expected to play older roles, but what hope have I when I played a 160 year old in my thirties?

I’m a lost cause, the only answer is alcohol. . . any other lush roles you can suggest?
Morning, this vision is not me after a heavy night. This is me with hair beautifully back combed, make up deliberately missing the mouth and looking like a lush. My partner in crime is Billy the badger who also likes a tipple. One friend kindly pointed out we were a perfect match as my roots were needing a meet up with Nice n’ Easy! Well Spotted.
Three performances to go and last night we had a standing ovation and a review that said it was West End Worthy! How proud am I that I could be worthy of being a West End lush!

Today my son returns after two months, I can actually have a drink and it’s Friday!

Evening, I’m writing reports.
We’ve had a busy week, and BM who has promised to sort out the garage has struggled to stay upright. The sofa keeps calling.

I’m wondering if the characteristics of effective learning are supposed to take you into adult life.

Playing and Exploring

– BM tends to change activity or lose focus quite quickly. He needs reassurance from his wife to try new activities. He can become frustrated when faced with a challenge & needs support to develop more resilience in challenging situations. BM is mainly drawn to the sofa or computer!

Thank goodness none of my real reports read like this. . .

Happy Tuesday.

Morning, old age has a lot to answer for.

Last night after a lovely pub meal out with my brother and parents we returned to his house in the dark. We opened the front door and as I tried to push the inner sliding doors I struggled and said “ I can’t get them to move.” It had to be pointed out that they were in fact already open!

Tonight I’m off to the open air Greatest Showman Singalong. My husband checked out the weather and said it was going to be bright, clear with no rain.

I asked him what he was doing today and suggested he went on a bike ride after his recent health check. His reply… “it looks like it’s going to rain!”

Afternoon, eyesight is failing more than I thought and my powers of deduction appear non existent!

The Greatest Showman Singalong on the local Green, was in fact a silent screening. They both begin with ‘s’ so an easy mistake to make, particularly when you’re a menopausal woman who’s losing it!

The fact we had to pay £10 for headphones might have given the game away, but I thought it was so no one had to go through the agony of listening to me sing!

Husband earlier asked me if I was keeping up to date with my blog as I’ve not had a laptop. I told him I hadn’t put all my daily sighs into posts yet. His response “Do you really want to share with the world your SIZE?”

Honestly Fiona xx