My daily sigh catch up!

I have not been to the cinema in years, I’m at the age when I fall asleep watching a film! Today we thought we’d give the OAP afternoon session a go.
We spent a lovely couple of hours watching The Greatest Showman.

I loved the music, the choreography and cinematography was amazing,  and the film quite brilliant.
The eating place my husband suggested we visit afterwards was on the other hand quite the opposite… apparently it’s dire!

When your body and brain are not wired for exercise, finding yourself on a racquet course for ADVANCED players is a bit of a shock. It became even more of a shock that the word advanced was NOT referring to years, but skills! I have none.
I played the card that teaching in Reception, small children would use a big racquet so I’d do the same.
The large racquet was a great disguise of my limited skills until we were asked to play a team game. This involved hitting the ball, passing the racquet to the next person and moving to the back until it was your turn again.

Sadly, I forgot to grab a racquet back and faced hitting the ball with absolutely nothing in my hand…I knew I was a ‘basics’ type of woman!

I live and work in a surreal world.
Last night I spent two hours of my life with my hand up a badger. He is preparing for life in the spotlight, I’m preparing for a disneyesque scene with woodland creatures in the show 9 to 5.
Today at work was pants. Aliens took some paper pattern pants hanging in the classroom. They have been spotted by the children in the playground. Begging letters have been written and one child told me she nearly came to school with no “panties” on as aliens had taken them! Luckily, her mum magicked them back just in time for school. I was very relieved.

How can five weeks cause one to feel so exhausted?
Aliens love underpants has continued to cause mayhem.
The children thought aliens were in the school toilets and one child was so scared they wet themselves!  Thankfully, the aliens saw the error of their ways and returned the children’s pants by post in time for half term.
I am definitely in need of a break. Being a dutiful mum I’m always on the look out for new job opportunities for my son. This evening I told him about a cruise company I hadn’t heard of before called pandocruises. I told him it came up on my Twitter feed. He looked at me in disbelief and said ”you mean P&O?” Sigh.
Happy Half Term all.

Last night I ordered a Tesco shop to be delivered this morning when I was out. The Internet was playing up, but how did my eyes not spot 8X12 bottles of water and 3 packets of shallots?

We now have enough bottled water for a football team and shallots to feed dozens a beef stew. That’s if I’d bothered to order stewing beef! No wonder the Tesco man was giggling. He did ask my husband if he wanted to return any, but he answered “no” as he wanted to watch me squirm with embarrassment!

This ordering faux pas will go down with the one mushroom in a paper bag and five bunches of bananas I ordered in my early online shopping days!

As half term draws to a close I look back on a week packed with fun, food, friends and family!
My Fitness Pal is not my pal as I’ve eaten out every day and not watched any calories.
I didn’t bother with stepping on the scales after a week of overindulgence, but I did step into a few of my mother’s clothes in an attempt to find something for me to wear for the show 9 to 5.
She now only has half a wardrobe, I have a bag of her clothes in my car, and after being told a cardigan in my current wardrobe was ideal for the drab 1980’s look,  I realise I’m not a fashionista setting the world alight!
Happy birthday to my good friend Sue who I partied with last night. I’m off to rehearse on my last day of the holidays! Happy Sunday.

Honestly Fiona xx