Dear Lovelies,

I’m getting a reputation. It’s nothing horrendous,  but peoples’s eyes lift skywards, dispositions become nervy and people surreptitiously hide, when I whip out my obsession from my handbag!

I’m not talking about anything seedy, disgusting, or inappropriate, I’m talking about my camera! Why have people got such a problem with it?

I had a gap of several years when I didn’t have a camera and those days are sadly lost to me. My memory is horrendous. I haven’t a clue what I did, who I met and what memories I made. They are forgotten for ever. How bad is that? People say things to me and I think ‘Did that really happen?’ I cannot remember a thing and yet, if I look at photos pre this time, they help to slowly prompt snippets of memory from the nether region of my ageing brain! I’ve realised with time I NEED photos.

I look back at family snaps of when my children were young and remember how cute they were,  when a smile would melt your heart. When my sons are being thoughtless and painful, it’s so lovely to recall those happy times when they were little, innocent and did as mother said!

I look back at all the shows they have been in, people they’ve met and experiences they have had, and think how lucky we’ve been to share those precious moments.

I look back at photos of when I was young and am thankful for my lovely family and recall the many family members who played such a big part in my life as I was growing up. Some are now gone, but not forgotten, thanks to photos.

My parents have been looking at their family tree and old photos have been pulled from a box and shared around the family. They can say so much about family features, the time and place, hairstyles, clothes and lifestyle of that era. When you compare to now, you see how different life is. It helps with history.

I realise I might be taking  photos for a future generation’s family history, or pictures that when I’m dead and gone will go collectively in the bin!

I look at Photos of my childhood, school days and college life and they also remind me of how I’ve changed. At times in my youth I was painfully shy and lacking in confidence. This often caused me unhappiness, so it’s good to remember how far one has come in life.

Having just been to a college reunion it’s great to have photos to share with friends and remind us of people we once knew. Photos that remind us of how college once looked and how it is forever changing. TIme doesn’t stand still. Photos help us remember the good times, the bad times and of course those funny moments that you can still find amusing thirty plus years later, by just remembering.

Sometimes, I will take photos of obscure things,  because writing a blog you never know when you might need a photo of something. Looking back I wish I could remember what ‘ things’ looked like when I was young, chocolate bars that have changed in shape and name, my favourite toys,  Christmas annnuals I gave away. Photos mean that they are a memory forever and social media helps that.

I also like to take photos of places to remind me where I’ve visited and what these places were like. Will they still be the same in five years, ten years, one hundred years?. What place stays the same? A photo can say so much.

As I have developed confidence with technology and drama has helped me become more extrovert in character, I have also turned to video to help record memories. In particular “going live!” which has unwittingly become my pet phrase, shared and shouted by so many of my friends as we take to the camera. They always ask “Are we going live?” Usually recording on the spot, with no pre planning, I make little sense, and say nothing of intelligence. It often involves me saying something wrong or technology failing me as it is prone to do, which makes people smile. I fathom that whilst I might look clueless, making people smile is not a bad thing in life to achieve.

When my children want to remember me, they will have loads more than I ever had to look back on and if they don’t want to have photos, videos and me “Going Live!”, then they can leave it to the History books!

Go take some photos and capture those moments for the future!

Honestly Fiona xx