Morning lovelies,

Sunday – band call for Barnum. It sounded so good. I give thanks for brilliant, talented musicians who make the music of our show sound wonderful.

Monday- I give thanks for a long, but so so tech rehearsal where we had a few staging problems which we hopefully ironed out and where my size 12 Doctor Martin boots thankfully didn’t trip me up when it came to ‘over the top’ bad dancing!

Tuesday – I give thanks for a great opening night of Barnum and after a so so technical rehearsal. I also give thanks that I am not really 160 years old! This acting lark and putting on and taking off of costumes and make up can be jolly hard work and suddenly I see my wrinkles really clearly!

Wednesday– I give thanks for another show, another late night and another day of work which meant I almost felt 160 years old and in need of propping up, my eyelids certainly did!

Thursday-I give thanks for colourful costumes that hide a multitude of sins and on a hot day, an air conditioned dressing room to cool overheating middle aged and not so middle aged women down! It was certainly needed.

Friday- Another hot day when my summer dresses came out. I obviously shocked my Reception class because I was told ” you look beautiful!” by several of them with such surprise in their voices.

Another show of Barnum and I give thanks for the wonderful quick thinking of the performer next to me in ‘ one brick at a time’ who when I whispered in a panic “I’ve forgotten my dollar!” tore hers in half and snuck it to me just in time!

Saturday-  Joyce Heth took her final bow in Barnum at Hampton Hill Playhouse. I give thanks that in the final show when I started to fall Barnum remembered last minute to catch me and that I didn’t end up a heap on the floor as I thought I was going to! I also give thanks for a great show week with a bunch of talented people who I can call my friends and for a show that had audiences cheering and giving amazing feedback.

Another show week done and dusted, another show has come to its end and another week of ‘giving much thanks’  has been completed. This has been a fun one.

Honestly Fiona xxx