Sunday- I give thanks for a good all day Barnum rehearsal and a drink afterwards with friends. Just what I needed after being a tad emotional about missing son the previous night. There are so many positives about singing, performing and rehearsing with friends.

Monday- This weeks story is The Selfish Caterpillar ( that will be Crocodile of course!) and we talked about how some stories make us think.

Most of the children said they would not help the crocodile in pain as they thought he might eat them or at least some of their vital organs or limbs. One child said if he ate her legs she wouldn’t be able to walk and would have to be carried everywhere! A couple of children said they would be kind and help him.

Luckily, the small little mouse was both kind and brave and the crocodile learnt a valuable lesson in friendship. I love the beautiful illustrations And vibrant colours of this picture book and the fact children learn so much from the story. My thanks for today.

Tuesday- my husband was away on business and I give thanks for the bedtime company of one of my cats! They might be independent and a pain at times, but they are such loving animals.

Wednesday- we rehearsed for Sports Day which caused much laughter. We successfully improved our track running. All children stayed in their lanes without swerving and knocking into their classmates.

Scooting however was a challenge and scooting at speed was a struggle. The idea of ‘racing’ and going ‘fast’ seems hard for 5 year olds to grasp.

I spent my afternoon running alongside children who couldn’t scoot, crying “keep going” alongside snail paced scooters,  shouting ” go faster” to most scooters, and telling the rare over excited scooters to ” stop!”

The joys of teaching for which I give thanks!

Thursday-Teaching can be stressful and then along comes a day like today when good things happen and I spend the day smiling and giving thanks.

Great independent writing from lots of my 4-5 year olds, happy children and an SEN child who struggled with communication, singing a most beautiful solo that made me a tad emotional but incredibly proud!

I love those special moments. It is why I teach.

Friday- A bit late but I was tired and had a very early night. I give thanks for Friday and for the only healthy food of the day, hopefully full of much needed vitamins!

Saturday- we spent the day at Richmond May Fair promoting Barnum A fun day for which I give thanks and where we hopefully sold a few more much needed ticket sales.

Sunday- A great Barnum rehearsal. I give thanks for young blood.

What it is to be strong, athletic, and to be able to point your toes, do the splits and do handstands, sadly I can’t! One week to go before show week!

Monday- Today I give thanks for an ice cream cake to die for! It had a thick slab of homemade honeycomb ice cream in the middle of a liqueur flavoured sponge. On the top were chunks of homemade honeycomb sprinkled with melted chocolate.I had two slices, one at elevenses and another for lunch.

My diet has been forgotten and I don’t half wish it was this persons birthday more than once a year!!

Tuesday- Sometimes after a long stressful day a TOPS rehearsal is what is needed. Singing and dancing with friends is very calming and for that I give thanks.

Wednesday- My class assembly was all about The Tiger Who Came To Tea. Some children cried, others stepped up to do the lines of those who wobbled and my star class ‘performers’ excelled with their loud voices, memory and confident acting skills.

I have nurtured some ‘stage loveies’ aged 4 and 5! Some danced to ‘Tiger Feet’ they all sang a song but when a SEN child who a year ago struggled to even speak, sang a beautiful solo there was not a dry eye in the hall! The tissues were shared out.

I have chosen this photo from the story as my house currently looks this messy as life so busy. I could also cry!


Thursday – Alovely day at Bocketts Farm with the children seeing the animals. For which I give thanks. This peacock was trying to impress the lady but shook his booty and ignored the hoards of children waiting to see him showing off his fine plumage! Luckily, the rain only started on the way home in the coach so I give thanks for ideal weather conditions as well.

Friday-I give thanks for hearing my son sing. He posted a video of him on the cruise ship singing an opera song in Italian.

Saturday-Another Barnum rehearsal and we have costumes! Joyce Heth does indeed look 160 years old, she has the wrinkles to prove it!

I give thanks for my performing family and for the fact my son passed his car theory test today. BIG Hurrah I awoke at 5am on a Saturday and was up and about at my normal week day wake up time on a weekend to get him there for 8am…for which I don’t give thanks!

Thankfully it was worth it.

Honestly Fiona xx