My daily positive ‘ give thanks’ posts have got behind. I’m having a half term catch up!

Sunday– I give thanks for a fantastic, fun packed weekend of performing with my Upstage family at Camberley theatre. Yesterday we performed to a packed audience, my ‘sexy’ walk might have required work but got a big cheer and my carers might have gained a few more wrinkles from trying to give me instructions through a fixed grin and laughing at me so much but they did an amazing job!  In the evening we stayed on to enjoy a performance of Dayle Hodge in his one man show. A great day to give thanks for!

Monday–  All good things must sadly come to an end. The bank holiday is over but it gave me the time and inclination to finally finish my book and I have just finished a FaceTime conversation with my son on the open seas. I give multiple thanks! Firstly, a 3 day weekend, secondly books & literature and finally, advanced technology! I also give thanks that I bought my GIg on the Green music festival tickets for June at the May Fayre, something to look forward to and always the best weekend of the year. I can’t wait.

Tuesday– After a tiring weekend and a long day at work when I wasn’t totally feeling it, I give thanks for young dancers who move so well, make it look so easy and who put my weekend dance moves to shame! I also give thanks for my bed. At 11.15pm I sure needed it! 3 weeks until Barnum.

Wednesday– I was panicking that my class assembly on ‘The Tiger Who Came To Tea’ was next week and was no where near ready. I found that I have another week for which I give multiple thanks!

Thursday– After a stressful and busy day I give thanks for the close company of this pushy, purring feline who loves to sit right next to me in bed. Someone loves me!

Friday— Not sure who decided ‘Dinky Deckers’ was a good name for chocolates but it caused much laughter at pub club after the day and week some of us had. I then found a half packet of chocolate buttons and the two packets quickly disappeared, soaked down with a glass of white wine spritzer. I give thanks for chocolate surprises, laughter, pub club and friends.

Saturday-I have been thinking about my eldest son at sea and missing him. Despite a poor connection I give thanks for a FaceTime call. It made his mum happy, reflective and a tad emotional afterwards. I must be stronger, there is still months to go!

Another week of giving thanks in an up and down week!

Honestly FIona xxx