Continuing with my grateful posts and week thirteen of giving thanks.

Sunday -After a long tiring afternoon of Barnum rehearsals we spent the whole car journey down the M3 thinking how we did not want to cook when we got in!

The joy when son said he had been given left over Chinese and Tiramisu from his girlfriend’s parents to put in the fridge and he had already eaten, put a huge relieved smile on our faces!

I give thanks for the food that was given to us and saved us from having to cook when we got in! Husband has been asleep ever since.

Monday– After a long first day back at work after the Easter holidays and finding out your class assembly is in 3 weeks time a bath and cup of tea in bed is what is called for! I had no energy for anything more. I give thanks for life’s essentials PG TIps and Radox!

Tuesday– After a stressful day when I was freezing cold, technology kept letting me down and the world around me was stressed or hard to handle, I give thanks that after my rehearsal I was awake late enough to receive a FaceTime call from my son at sea! The wonders of technology.

Wednesday– whilst my daily lunch has been dieting and boring my midweek night out with work colleagues at the local Dog and Partridge pub ended up with Halloumi Esperdadas on my plate for which I give thanks! They were delicious. The evening gave us a few laughs too and it was observed we were loud which might have had something to do with me!

Thursday– when the weather is freezing, you haven’t quite worn enough clothes and you are early for a show there is nothing better than warming your hands on a cup of Costa tea! It even matched the theatre curtains!! I give thanks for warming drinks that do the job. The show was a new musical  my husband has been involved with. It is about the difficult subject of anorexia and gives an insight into the mind of those suffering. It was actually a story full of hope.

Friday– I’m exhausted but it’s Friday, pay day and a bank holiday! It doesn’t get much better than that!! I can give thanks for all three.

Saturday– A long tiring day. A tech rehearsal this afternoon and one Upstage performance down this evening! I give thanks that I didn’t fall down in the actual performance and that my moves were 50% correct! I also give thanks for the glittery rose that was given to me by a child from my school, who waited patiently at stage door. I was very touched and will try to get my ageing body to sparkle again tomorrow!

Another week gone, hope you have had plenty to be grateful for!

Honestly Fiona xxx