Evening lovelies,

In the Easter holidays my friend Sue and I spent a wonderful day at NIrvana Spa, in Wokingham. I have spoken about the Spa before and it is our yearly treat to ourselves.

Sometimes, we might treat ourselves more than once, now that is real gluttony!

Here is a Vlog of our day, but please be a bit understanding as this was my first, yes you heard it right, my FIRST attempt at editing totally on my own!!  This is from someone who is a techno phobe and who always does things wrong on compusters! My husband never thought I would manage it, but a whole day with a YouTube tutorial by my side and I sort of coped!

It wasn’t without its mishaps which is why it has taken so long to be shown.  and having learnt how to put live Facebook posts on YouTube I now find that the sound is not in sync with the mouth so I won’t use them again but now I know! 😱 My husband did still have to help finish rendering the finished video, but editing was done by me! Not perfect but ok!!

Here goes.

What a lovely day we had and I would thoroughly recommend NIrvana Spa for a day out. My college friends have booked for us to go there instead of staying At Sopwell House.

Honestly Fiona xx