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Week Twelve of ‘Give Thanks’

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I’m catching up on my weekly ‘Give thanks’ posts!

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Sunday– We spent a lovely Easter day spent with my parents and brother in Lymington. Their garden is looking wonderful and their beautiful azalea’s so colourful!   I give thanks for family, stunning gardens and the beauty of nature through the seasons as I love Spring.

Monday– Today my mum and I went for a lovely walk at Keyhaven, along the sea wall. We were determined to increase our Fitbit step count as we were not doing very well! Two years ago she was seriously ill, so walking together is something special and to be appreciated.

I give thanks for lovely walks, beautiful places and that I can still share them with her.

Tuesday– Life can be stressful and pressures increasing. I give thanks for my wonderful parents who today helped me out in a big way. It just goes to show that no matter how old you are when you are a brilliant parent and able, you are there for your children no matter how old they are! Perfect role models for which I also give thanks.

I hope I can do the same for my children and one day repay my parents generosity and kindness.

Wednesday- So lucky to live near this beautiful nature reserve. Today I give thanks for gorgeous sunny weather, stunning places to walk and good friends to keep me company and spur me on. My Fitbit says I overachieved, which is a first. I even won a badge.

Thursday– Today has been a day of cleaning. I give thanks that the inside of my car is now clean and free of all rubbish. It has obviously been a while because I found these chocolates under the seat which were thrown round my car accidentally after our Christmas staff do. It was a very funny evening when we laughed so much, but it wasn’t Christmas 2016, but Christmas 2015!!

My car has obviously not been cleaned in a long while.Thank goodness it is clean now!

I didn’t eat them by the way, although someone suggested taking them to work for treat Monday, however that would be cruel and I certainly wouldn’t be thanked!

Friday– Today was a sad face day as I bid farewell to my son who is off to be lead vocalist on a cruise for six months. If you missed my post about how I felt it  is here-the post was called ‘Tears in my eyes but a Heart Bursting With Pride’.

However,  I give thanks for hair dye as my roots are no longer grey! Hurrah! Thanks to Clairol Nice n Easy Warm Auburn. Something had to be done before I take part in the shows in the next three weeks.

Saturday–  Today a group from our Musical Society TOPS took part in  the Saint George’s Parade in Whitton to publicise our next show Barnum. It is at Hampton Hill Playhouse and runs from May 23-27. It was very busy, good fun, we had fine weather and gave out lots of leaflets.

I give thanks for the community spirit of those that took part and those that came to support the event.

 Another week of thanks!

Golly my life is getting to the busy season so apologies if I fall behind with blogging!!

Honestly Fiona xx


2 thoughts on “Week Twelve of ‘Give Thanks’

  1. Hales

    May 1, 2017 at 9:34 am

    I give thanks to hair dye too! Although it never covers all my greys as it promises! I think my hair dye is cheeky and stretches the truth!

    1. fiona

      May 1, 2017 at 3:22 pm

      haha, lucky for us we have it! My hair dye never lasts as long as I think it should and because my roots go grey first my hair becomes multi-coloured shades of auburn!

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