It’s Tuesday. The sun shone and more beauty was found in my parents garden. I do so love this time of year.

The only issue with the Springtime Season is the sniffing, sneezing, regular sore throat and occasional weepy eyes that I appear to get. Piriton style products are a regular handbag accessory. It is such a nuisance that as I’ve got older my body seems to be allergic to so many things and half the time I don’t know what they are.

I woke up with the usual sniffing and sore throat, but had run out of tablets. I wanted to buy some more from the chemist when my mum handed me a packet of Piriteze and said I could have them. She had read that taking regular allergy tablets caused health issues and was worried so wouldn’t take them. She couldn’t remember what health issues they were, so I looked online.

There was indeed a recent media scare link if the tablets were taken over a certain age, everyday and for a long period of time, to guess what? DEMENTIA! How could she possibly have forgotten that?

I pondered on whether to take them or not. Let’s face it without dementia my memory is appalling,  I can’t remember names or even finish my sentences off. I decided it was a risk worth taking as I don’t take them every day and I suppose something is going to get me in the end anyway. I contemplated that sniffing and a runny nose is not a good look and with a sore throat I always worry about voice loss, an issue I do struggle with!

After lunch and a cup of tea, my parents took me to Brockenhurst station to travel home.

Times have changed from when I travelled to get to school, the station now has lifts for the disabled and those carrying lots of luggage . My dad, who is always such  a gentleman carried my heavy bag. We took the lift up to the bridge and then down to the correct platform and he commented that I should really be walking up and down the stairs to keep my Fitbit happy!

We arrived on the platform with 10 minutes to spare and I suddenly needed the toilet. I asked the station master where they were and he said the only toilets were on the other platform, typical! I was instructed to be quick!

I ran up, over and down to the other platform, huffing, puffing, aware of my lack of fitness and believing this was Fitbits payback for using the lifts first time round!

As I came out of the toilets a lady shouted out to me ” it’s coming! Quick!” I ran ( Honestly Fiona style!)  and arrived to find she had been joking!! How I smiled. . . Whilst breathing heavily and through gritted teeth!

The joy of train travel was being able to re introduce myself to the book I started last holiday! I’m aiming to finish it before I return to work. Fingers crossed.

My evening was spent singing and rehearing the scene in our next production of Barnum where I play the role of a 160 year old woman. I first played the role 20 years ago when I was relatively young, now it’s far more realistic and I don’t have to try!

The part involves Barnum trying to shut me up, which is always tricky, and helping me to walk as I’m so old I can’t move my legs yet alone my ageing body! So realistic.

By the end of the evening I was hot, bothered and red in the face as I had to dance over and over again and hadn’t dressed appropriately!

My day ended.  Allergies, train travel and Barnum summed it up.

Honestly Fiona xxx