Its the holidays so I thought I’d do a more regular catch up having a bit more time!

It’s Easter Monday and I’m staying with my parents. As usual their garden is looking beautiful with flowers in bloom,  beds well kept and free of weeds. It unfortunately puts our bare and overgrown garden to shame. I blame the roaming, hungry rabbit that makes flowers pointless, a bad back and the lack of time or interest by anyone other than me. I have been struggling with both!This morning my aunt and cousin who is 60 tomorrow, popped in for a cup of tea along with his family.

It is scary when people around you and who you remember as children reach significant ‘old’ birthdays! I question how he can he be that old? He certainly doesn’t look that different from twenty years ago and I assure you my eyes are not failing that badly!

How can I be sure my eyes aren’t lying? I know,  because when I wonder what is happening to me, I look in the mirror and see that indeed my roots need attention, my hair could do with a cut and despite the NIrvana Spa anti ageing creams my wrinkles are still fairly impressive!

My failing eyes are fine for ‘general everyday viewing’, sadly money is tight so substantial spending is on hold and the ‘wild haired old woman look’ will have to continue for some weeks to come.

By 4pm I’d reached an unimpressive 1500 steps on my Fitbit and because I would like to follow my cousin and actually reach my 60th Birthday, I suggested to my mum, who has also just got her new Fitbit working, that our legs took us for a short walk. My dad was resting a dodgy knee that he twisted when playing football with my nephews. Both my parents are doing so well fitness wise for their age.

It was becoming overcast,  but we drove to Keyhaven, parked and got out of the car. As my okayish but failing eyes, took in the view of sea, boats, Isle of Wight and Hurst Castle in the distance,  I spotted a boat I wouldn’t purchase in a hurry. Golly, those failing eyes are on it!

We walked along the sea wall towards Lymington. The tide was going out, the bird life interesting although my ability to identify any apart from a seagull was useless, the gorse was out In glorious yellow and people were very friendly. Everyone said ” hello” which makes such a difference to a person’s mood and cyclists all said ” thank you” as we stood to the side to let them go by. So civilised. When we realised tea and hot cross buns were calling and the outside temperature was cooling, mum and I made our way back to the car, pleased in the knowledge that we had more than doubled our steps. My Fitbit even gave me a badge!

Whenever I am with my parents my lack of technical knowledge goes out the window and suddenly I’m an expert in their eyes and my technical self esteem flies high!

Dad required Facebook assistance and my mum who has an iPad but lacks confidence in using it, spent the whole evening bringing me old books and gettting me to look up on the internet to see if they were of any value. I felt like an antique roadshows pundit letting hopeful sellers down. Josephine And Her Dolls might have cute pictures, but is not going to make anyone a fortune anytime soon!

Having  finished my extensive research I now have the annoyance of getting adverts suggesting I purchase the books I looked up. I don’t need to. . . I already have them in my hands!

Happy Easter Monday,

Honestly Fiona xx