I haven’t written about my week for a while! Humour left me and life has been either busy or dull. Which says a lot!

I woke up the other day thinking I had suffered a particularly bad menopausal night only to find the heating had been left on all night .  . Sigh.

I was not to know that the person who works from home had switched it from timed to 24 hours. He did know, but had a male menopausal brain freeze and failed to remember to turn it off.

I have however upped my Sage and Menopace tablets as a genuine menopausal precaution because sleep deprivation and my faulty body thermostat is causing me ongoing issues.

I  am pleased the weather is warmer, my Primark 99p Sale woolly hat has finally had some days off and the evenings are brighter, it thankfully lightens my mood.

Saturday was spent doing housework which put a strain on my bad back. It has an understandable aversion to the hoover.

In the afternoon my husband and I had a leisurely drive down country roads and little towns and villages to Fareham, where we were attending a party in the evening.

Now that we are getting ‘old’ the husband announced that this is apparently the thing to do. What an exciting life I have ahead of me to look forward to!

However add to the cleaning session, an additional long car ride and my back was aggravated further! Although, the eyes did appreciate the pretty scenic views. 

We popped into a big Sainsbury’s on the way down as we had time to kill and my husband found himself a maroon t-shirt in the Sale for a bargain £2.50 and a top the identical colour.

He really knows how to ‘kill’ fashion. He tried the combo pair on and observed ” It looks like I’ve purchased myself the Sainsbury employee uniform!”

We drove on and had a quick walk at dusk around the outside of Porchester castle and the waters edge.

We felt conspicuous as we walked past groups of teenagers ‘hanging out’ and probably doing things they shouldn’t be away from the crowds.

We then found ourselves in a pub an hour before our arranged meeting time with friends. Why do we say ‘found’ as though it happened by accident? My husband knew exactly what he was doing!

I drank a hot chocolate and moved on to coke , he was of course on the beer. His favourite phrase of “let’s share the driving, I’ll drive there and you drive back” was coming into place that evening. So very fair.

Finally, it was time to find the anniversary party venue which seemed to be in some dark, dead end business park. The sat Nav said we had arrived, so we got out and walked to the building where loud music was blaring.

There was an open back door that looked like sports club fitting rooms, so we walked around the outside of the building in pitch black to find the main entrance.

Suddenly, we heard voices from above and a spray of water just missed us as we walked below stopping us in our tracks.  We Looked up and a voice shouted down “sorry mate the toilet is blocked up here!” We had only nearly got ourselves pissed on! Can you imagine if we had turned up at a party smelling of urine, then we would have had a reputation of being really old!

We couldn’t find another entrance to the venue, so decided to enter by the fitting rooms. We climbed upstairs passing a couple of drunk men. We must be incredibly late we thought. We reached the top and entered into a large bar room that had two groups of very inebriated, partially dressed people singing at the tops of their voices.

We entered looking conspicuously overdressed and out of place as the room became stony silent.

A drunk man with his shirt wide open displaying a bare chest greeted us. We asked if this was the party of our friends as we couldn’t see them. ” No mate, that venue is over there.”

He went to the balcony door pushing a canoodling couple out of the way to point to where we should be.

We left and hysteria set in, what had we just witnessed and what must they have thought of us?

We found the party and it was of course civilised with a delicious buffet, live bands and security,

It was a lovely evening but my back again suffered, first from standing too long and then from sitting on a hard seat for too long. I drove home uncomfortable and tired, and spent Sunday resting and on painkillers.

The rest of the week has passed by with a blur of school including challenging children, stressful moments, inspiring books, improved writing, illness and a course on pond dipping.

My house is still messy, the washing basket over flowing, but Friday evening with friends and a dance rehearsal gave my dodgy week some much needed light relief with fun, chat and laughter. WIne of course also helped!

I’m off to do some cleaning and upset my back again.

Honestly FIona xx