Evening you lovely people,

I can’t believe after the rush and build up to Christmas it is over and done with!

I hope you all had a happy, healthy and fun time with family and friends this festive season. img_9103

We had a quiet Christmas Day with just the four of us at home. It was strange for me and very different, but my husband excelled and enjoyed cooking the Christmas dinner, my son in Panto was relieved to have two days resting doing nothing and my younger son purchased me the most innovative Christmas present, which I will talk about later!

It was no surprise to me when by the afternoon the sofas’s were filled with sleeping bodies and the sudden silence of the house was broken with the sound of snoring! For some it was due to a lack of energy and exhaustion, for others too many brandy Pom Poms! I was the only one left standing!

I thought I’d do a quick share img_5028of some of the lovely gifts I received this Christmas.

First of all I was given a light box, which I thought might be fun at home and also useful for my blog. And just like Magic, it’s usefulness has become apparent!

My husband has already had fun removing some letters to make rude words, thinking we won’t spot!

I put in the words ‘Boxing Day 2016’ and he removed the X, so it became Boing Day and I won’t share his other words as they are totally inappropriate!

A number of family members went in together to buy me a Fitbit Charge 2.

I was given a Garmin last year by a friend who had won it and was upgrading to a Fitbit. I enjoyed img_5026using it although it had an usual twist fitting which was difficult to put on and the button to press to move through the different data was tricky to use. Eventually, one of the fittings broke and at some point without me realising, it must have fallen off and was lost.

Not having it I realised I missed the watch, the sleep data which I found interesting and the step incentive to exercise! I’m hoping the new heart rate will inspire me to lower it and not concern me and send me racing to the doctor!

Come January I need to try again to exercise and lose weight as the pounds are slowly slipping on. I need to work on my will power and preservere! Fitbit please motivate me.

My sister is in a home, as she is severely Down’s. Her carers bought presents to give the family on her behalf and what they chose was a really lovely gift, particularly as they don’t really know us very well.


They bought a National Gallery tea tray with two mugs, butterscotch cookies and a packet of tea. The mugs and packaging were all decorated with famous artist’s paintings and very tasteful.

My son’s bought me a mixture of things including a DVD, a robin candle and an Opulence perfume and body lotion set. As I opened it my younger son said ” I don’t know what it smells like, so hope it’s ok!” I’ve given it a quick squirt and it is thankfully lovely! As was my innovative gift, which looks like a kitchen whisk, but is in fact a head img_5031massager. I’d never heard or seen such a thing, but find myself picking it up and using it for a few seconds daily.

It might seem weird massaging your own head but it is surprisingly relaxing. My husband is not quite as taken and thought it was just like scratching your head!

Among my other gifts were a scarf, Elizabeth Arden perfume, a lovely pearlised necklace from M and S, a bead bracelet, a Peony Flower diffuser, an owl painted img_5032stone and a trinket box. People know me so well.

We received our last presents from my husband’s family today after a big get together.

My Mother in Law always wraps up a beautiful box of bits which she gives, along with a voucher . Some of the items might make us smile, but I love getting the box and it has become a great Christmas tradition!

I am wearing my leopard skin slippers tonight, I img_5080look forward to tying my wet hair in a leopard skin hair towel, lighting my owl and snowflake candle, and am lying underneath the silk taupe throw given to me by another family member. I was also given a lovely navy top.

I have been very spoilt and am very grateful for my gifts and the the generous, giving people in my life. Thank you all.

I hope you have all been spoilt as well.

Honestly Fiona xxx